Solidarity Summer School 2013: July 24-26 Chicago, Illinois

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In the first year of President Obama’s second term, the U.S. Left is confronted by daunting questions: How to face the mounting attacks on the public sector and social services? What is an effective response to the assault on public education and impending Social Security, Medicare and food stamp cuts? Will we be able to stop to the unprecedented wave of deportations continuing behind the screen of “immigration reform”? Will the environmental movement have enough organization and momentum to reroute the rush to climate catastrophe? Can socialists effectively tie these issues together under an anti-capitalist banner in 2013 and beyond?

While these problems are massive, they are not invulnerable to fightback. In the past year, the Chicago Teacher’s Union effectively went on strike to defend their schools against “Mayor 1%” Rahm Emanuel, and won some victories in a new contract. The Obama administration will most likely approve the Keystone XL Pipeline, but the courageous will and drive by environmental activists have raised the political stakes and laid the groundwork for expanded resistance to this and future ecocidal projects.

There are no easy solutions to the grueling and unsustainable growth of the capitalist system. That does not mean we should not or cannot resist its attempts to place profit over people. In order to create a complex and nuanced strategy for this resistance, activists must push for dialogue amongst each other.

Join other activists and organizers for three days of debate and discussion in Chicago, July 24-26, examining these issues from a socialist perspective. Sessions will include plenaries, workshops and discussions focused around capital’s attacks– and our response — on education, our communities, our work and our environment. We will also have time for a walking tour, watching films and hanging out. Register online right away and we’ll send you all the logistical information.

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Free Childcare. In order to ensure quality childcare for all at the conference, please let us know if you will be bringing children as soon as possible via the registration form. Due to the complex logistics of finding and booking caretakers, the deadline for childcare registration is July 10th.

Make your travel plans now! We will be starting early on Wednesday morning so please make travel plans accordingly. And don’t miss our Friday morning closing session!