About the Webzine

Solidarity is an organization dedicated to struggles against all forms of oppression, and we want our website to be an extension of that goal. Mainstream media rarely educate people about these struggles or encourage critical discussion, and internet based alternative media have necessarily become important spaces where these discussions can happen.

We hope that our website will be one such space. It’s important for activists to be informed about other struggles and political developments, but we want our website to be more than just a news source. Rather, we encourage critical analysis of both contemporary developments and longer term political questions. We hope to facilitate serious and non-sectarian engagement with questions of theory as well as practice, including especially important strategic questions facing the left.

Some of the content on our website is written by members of Solidarity, but we don’t imagine that we have all the answers or that our own resources are sufficient to realize the ambitious goals outlined above. We want our website to be a resource and avenue of publication for all sympathetic thinkers and activists.

If you want to be in touch with the editors of this webzine, you can contact us at webzine@solidarity-us.org. NOTE: this webzine is edited mainly on a volunteer basis, and we can’t promise to respond to all communication in a timely way.