The Democrats’ November Debacle

David Finkel

November 5, 2021

Republican financier Glen Youngkin defeats Democrat Terry McAuliffe for Virginia governor in a state Biden won by 10 percent in 2020 (Photo from Youngkin campaign website)

It’s usual, of course, for the U.S. political party in power to take losses in off-year and midterm elections, blamed for whatever goes wrong and getting little credit for anything positive. That normal ebb and flow of the two capitalist parties is only exacerbated when that party is in office, but not really in power.

That’s the position the national Democratic Party finds itself in now, facing the paralytic effects of its own inability to deliver on its campaign promises, popular frustration with the pandemic and growing fear of inflation, and a highly aggressive and more-or-less coordinated rightwing drive toward “state capture” by all means fair, foul and fouler. Here we’ll only touch on the key themes.

What happened in the much-watched Virginia governor election is symptomatic: In every county, the Trump-lite Republican Glenn Youngkin came out well ahead of the Trump vote in the 2020 election, including among Black, Latinx and those proverbial “white suburban women” who were all repelled by Trump in 2020. And this is before extreme voter suppression and intimidation laws sweeping Republican-controlled state legislatures take full effect.

Conventional wisdom now is that the Democrats are in some deep crap heading toward the 2022 midterm elections, when their thin Congressional majorities are on the line — and this time that conventional wisdom is probably on target. A lot can happen in the year before the midterms, but the developments of recent months indicate a Democratic presidency and Congress slowly sinking in the mud.

The infrastructure bill and the Democrats’ “Build Back Better” legislation became impaled on the twin horns of the Republican filibuster and the obstruction of the Senator from Big Oil and Coal, Joe Manchin. Even if something gets passed in the end, which I’m guessing it probably will be, much of the political boost the Democrats would get from enacting “the President’s agenda” is already lost…

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An interview with Rebecca Kemble
November 29, 2021

REBECCA KEMBLE IS a community activist and former member of the Madison, Wisconsin Common Council. This past summer she attended the blockade by Anishinaabe land protectors and allies against the construction of the new Enbridge Line 3 that cuts through their territory and threatens their treaty rights. Since then Enbridge has announced they have completed construction and are transporting tar sands oil. Meanwhile Indigenous protesters are still facing charges, and it was revealed that Enbridge has...

Peter Solenberger
November 23, 2021

Brazil is the largest country in Latin America by land area, population. and economy. Its 2003-2011 government, led by President Luiz Inácio da Silva (Lula) of the Partido dos Trabalhadores (PT, Workers Party), was the quintessential Latin American “Pink Tide” government.

Using revenue from high commodity prices, the government instituted the Fome Zero (Zero Hunger), Bolsa Família (Family Allowance) and other antipoverty programs, and the Programa de Aceleração do Crescimento (Growth Acceleration...

November 17, 2021

In this episode we are joined by Gabriella a rank and file Teamster, UPS worker, and Teamsters for a Democratic Union steering committee member. In this episode we discuss rank and file union organizing, the challenges and opportunities the upcoming Teamsters election presents, and Teamsters for a Democratic Union. 

Esther Sánchez García and Michael Gasser
November 16, 2021

Lee este artículo en español aquí .

“AI is neither artificial nor intelligent.” —Kate Crawford

In October 2020, four authors submitted a paper to the Association for Computing Machinery Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency entitled “On the Dangers of Stochastic Parrots: Can Language Models Be Too Big?” critiquing current research in natural language processing (NLP). 1 NLP refers to attempts to develop machines capable of understanding...

Peter Solenberger
November 12, 2021

On September 20, 2021 the Canadian state — English Canada and Quebec — had a general election. Liberal Party Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called the “snap” election two years before it was legally required. He intended it to be a referendum on his government’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic and expected to win back the parliamentary majority the Liberals had lost in 2019.

The maneuver failed. The results were essentially no change in the distribution of seats in the House of...

Folko Mueller
November 10, 2021

This article examines the German General Election of September 26, with particular attention to the socialist party Die Linke, the reasons for its poor performance in the election, and potential ways forward.

U.S. socialists should care about Die Linke’s fate for a number of reasons: First, as socialists we are internationalists and should care about and pay attention to what is happening to other socialist parties and movements across the globe. Second, comrades coming out of the “Socialism...

November 1, 2021

Joining us this week is Andy -- a rank and file Teamster, public transit worker, member of the Tempest Magazine collective, and Teamsters for a Democratic Union (TDU) member -- and Hank -- a rank and file Teamster, worker at UPS, and TDU member. In this episode we discuss rank and file union organizing, the challenges and opportunities the upcoming Teamsters election presents, and Teamsters for a Democratic Union.

Luke Pretz in conversation with Mak, Magda, and Jetzel from KC Tenants
October 30, 2021

This interview is excerpted from a much longer podcast featuring three members of the Kansas City Tenants Union.  You can find the podcast here .

Luke:  describe KC tenants for us.

Mak: KC Tenants is an organization led by a multi-generational, multi-racial, anti-racist base of poor and working-class tenants in Kansas City. We organize to ensure that everyone in Kansas City has a safe, accessible, and truly affordable home. We believe people...

Malik Miah
October 19, 2021

The R&B singer, R. Kelly was convicted September 27 of federal racketeering and sex trafficking charges for a decades-long scheme to recruit women and underage girls for sex. Once one of the biggest names in popular music, he could face decades in prison.

It is a victory for Black girls and women. Historically, they have not been listened to in rape and sexual violence cases. Rape culture is prevalent in society, including the African American community.

Because of systemic racism, many in the...

Steve Early
October 15, 2021

As police chief of gritty Richmond, California, Chris Magnus embraced Black Lives Matter, all but eliminated fatal shootings by police, and cut the homicide rte in half

In my nearly fifty years of picketing and protesting for one cause or another, I’ve learned that brushes with police officers, much less their bosses, may not end well. So my first encounter, three years ago, with one of America’s most successful police chiefs was a novel experience. Then fifty-one-year-old Chris Magnus, a fair-haired...

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