Implosion: U.S. Politics since the J6 Riot

David Finkel

January 6, 2022

As “our democracy” disintegrates, the House Select Committee “investigates” the J6 riot. Its report is promised “by November,” right when the barely-Democratic-majority Congress disappears…

The January 6, 2021 Trump riot at the U.S. capitol should have blown the right wing out of the water. A year later, it’s quite the opposite: U.S. politics are in a visible process of implosion — its status as an “advanced democracy” rapidly declining in measurements relative to other such nations — and it’s important to figure out why.

Liberal and mainstream media are filled with exposures of the riot and how voter suppression, gerrymandering and the crippling Senate filibuster are likely to carry the Republicans to Congressional majorities in the coming November midterms and potentially to victory — or a successful “coup” in the 2024 presidential contest.

Many of these analyses are accurate and useful, often shocking in the details being revealed, but it’s necessary to penetrate somewhat deeper into the causes of the depraved dysfunction that U.S. politics have become.

The Riot in Retrospect

After all, by the rules and customs that are supposed to govern the two-party system of bourgeois politics in this country, Trump’s fraudulent “stolen election” claim alone should have fractured the Republican Party and ended the political lives of those who pushed it.

That’s even before the January 6 abortive putsch, about which we’re learning more and more every day: that it was prepared and enabled in the inner circles of the Trump White House, by high-level personnel changes at the Justice Department and the Pentagon, and by active encouragement of the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, Three Percenters and assorted white-supremacist and neo-Nazi elements to mobilize on the day.

These forces were evidently intended to play a role as external street-level auxiliaries to a concerted inside plan to tie Congress in procedural knots over the certification of state electoral votes…

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Ron Lare
January 25, 2022

On December 2, 2021, the federally-appointed UAW Monitor completed the count of ballots in the 2021 Referendum vote and unofficial results were posted pending only formalities.

UAW members had voted by 63.7 percent to switch from International Convention selection of the International Executive Board (IEB) to direct election by the membership. Direct election or “One Member, One Vote” (1m1v) is a demand of the reform movement within the UAW, Unite All Workers for Democracy ( UAWD ).

The campaign...

Socialist Movements of Kazakhstan and Rusia
January 21, 2022

On January 1, 2022, the government of Kazakhstan lifted price ceiling on liquified gas, which led to an immediate doubling of its price. The next day protests broke out in the oil-producing city of Zhanaozen and spread quickly to other cities, including Almaty, Kazakstan's largest city. The protests targeted inequality, corruption and democracy, as well as the price increases.

The government dispatched police and military units to quell the protests. It also requested help from the Collective Security...

Dianne Feeley
December 27, 2021

Sixty-eight percent of Hondurans turned out to vote in the November 28, 2021 elections, with 53.4 percent supporting Xiomara Castro for president. She will become the country’s first woman president, but more importantly her election is a break from the last 12 years of authoritarian regimes.

This impressive victory after the 2009 U.S.-backed military coup — followed by three stolen elections — is a tribute to the tenacity of the country’s social movements. Calling sitting president...

Michael Rubin
December 21, 2021

The Oakland A’s want to build a 34,000-seat stadium, accompanied by new market-rate housing and new shops and restaurants. The A’s are offering to finance the stadium and shops, but they are asking the Oakland City Council for many millions of dollars in infrastructure and transportation upgrades. The current number is $855 million. They’re also asking for money from the Alameda County government.

The result of this is an ongoing three-way struggle. We should start with the A’s. The major...

Scott McLemee
December 20, 2021

The cause of socialist democracy lost a giant last week with the death of Michael Hirsch, a comrade with family roots in the Jewish working class of New York City as well as in the global youth radicalization of the 1960s.

Calling him as a giant is partly tongue-in-cheek: Mike stood over six feet tall, and it comes as little surprise to learn he played basketball in his younger days. But more to the point, he had a big heart and an outsized personality — one unapologetically rough around the edges,...

David Finkel
December 19, 2021

The following notes were initially intended as part of a followup to the article Biden’s Foreign Policy by Dianne Feeley.

I’d like to develop an overview of layers of imperialist actions with their differing relations to “interests of state,” whether merely tactical or fundamental. At one end of the spectrum are the cynical and vicious U.S. sanctions imposed on Cuba, Venezuela and now Nicaragua, which produce enormous suffering but serve practically no substantive interest beyond pandering...

Daniel Tanuro
December 15, 2021

The Glasgow Conference (COP26) should have given priority to 1) making good on the promise of the “developed” countries to contribute to the Green Climate Fund, from 2020 onwards, at least one hundred billion dollars a year to help the global South meet the climate challenge 1; 2) forcing these same countries to intervene financially to cover the enormous “loss and damage” caused by warming, especially in the “least developed countries” and small island states;...

Malik Miah
December 12, 2021

“I do not need this court, these prosecutors or a piece of paper to tell me I am innocent,” said Muhammad Aziz, who spent two decades in prison.

Incredibly, a federal judge in Manhattan, New York, vacated the charges and convictions of two men convicted of assassinating Malcom X in 1965. The ruling came after a decades-long campaign by the family and supporters to reopen the case and get to the truth.

“A motion filed by the Manhattan district attorney asking a judge to toss out the convictions...

Mike McCallister
December 7, 2021

Readers of the Solidarity Webzine will know that on November 19, 2021, a nearly all-white jury in Kenosha, Wisconsin, found Kyle Rittenhouse, a white teenager, not guilty of homicide in the August 25, 2020, killing of two Black Lives Matter protesters and the wounding of another. The article below analyzes the verdict and its significance. As the article explains, Rittenhouse and his lawyers claimed absurdly that he acted in self-defense. Letting him off invites more rightwing vigilantes to provoke...

An interview with Rebecca Kemble
November 29, 2021

REBECCA KEMBLE IS a community activist and former member of the Madison, Wisconsin Common Council. This past summer she attended the blockade by Anishinaabe land protectors and allies against the construction of the new Enbridge Line 3 that cuts through their territory and threatens their treaty rights. Since then Enbridge has announced they have completed construction and are transporting tar sands oil. Meanwhile Indigenous protesters are still facing charges, and it was revealed that Enbridge has...

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