Midwest Day School

DATE:  July 28, 2018
TIME:  9:00 am - 7:00 pm
Location:  People's Church of Chicago,
941 W. Lawrence Ave., Chicago

As capitalism squeezes more and more, people are fighting back. Left movements are on the rise across the country. From Black Lives Matter to the Women’s March, from the Fight for Fifteen to Immigrant Workers’ Rights, resistance is growing across the U.S. and Socialism is an idea whose time has come. At the Solidarity Midwest Day School, activists engaged in these resistance struggles will gather to learn from each other in interactive workshops, classes, and informal discussion.

Some Topics include:
- From the Classroom to the Streets: A Rank and File Perspective on the Teachers Movement
- To Serve the People? Learning from Movements of the Past and Present
- Right to the City: Radical Visions for Housing Justice
- Socialist Feminism Today
- What's Next for Justice in Palestine?
- Taking on the Giant: A History of Amazon and Its Workers Fighting Back
- Neither Assad or Washington: But Fighting Imperialism From Below
- Ecosocialism: Fighting Capital and For a Just Transition
- Immigrant Resistance in the Era of Trump
- What Kind of Group Do We Need? Putting Democracy and Debate in Socialist Organization

Farooq Tariq
May 2018

Large swathes of Pakistan are in the stranglehold of caricatured feudalism. These feudal relations are increasingly penetrated by finance capital as it imposes itself on social relations, politics and the economy itself. It has made the lives of millions miserable, deepening and intensifying class exploitation. Rampant inequality and poverty remain chronic issues as millions can still be considered bonded labourers. This harrowing situation is revealed by the fact that only five per cent of agricultural...

Dan La Botz
July 7, 2018

The leftist candidate Andres Manuel López Obrador, has been carried to victory in the Mexican presidential election by an enormous popular outpouring of voters hoping to improve their lives and those of their fellow citizens. Promising to drive out the political mafia that runs the country, to end the pervasive corruption in government, and to bring an end to the violence that in the last dozen years has taken more than 250,000 lives, AMLO, the left’s perennial candidate, won such a decisive victory...

Luis Rangel
July 2, 2018

A leader of the Revolutionary Workers Party (PRT), the Mexican section of the Fourth International, writes about the significance of AMLO’s election.

Revolutionary Workers Party (PRT)
June 9, 2018

On the eve of the Mexican elections the Revolutionary Workers Party (PRT), the Mexican section of the Fourth International, analyzes how the anti-capitalist left should understand the elections and what they should do.

Socialist Unity League (LUS), Socialist Workers Party (POS) and La Gota
July 4, 2018

Overwhelming joy over the defeat of the PRI and the PAN, and concern about the difficult situation that is looming.

Steve Early
July 10, 2018

When I was a union rep, one of my most challenging assignments was assisting a Communications Workers of America (CWA) bargaining unit at a Boston-area telemarketing firm. Most CWA members in New England had call center jobs at the phone company, with good pensions, health insurance, and full-time salaries. As service reps, they fielded in-coming calls from customers with problems, questions, or new orders to place. In contrast, the telemarketing staff only interacted with the public, on behalf of...

Cyryl Ryzak
July 5, 2018

“Populism” is a magical word. Its mysterious power unites the Erdogan and Putin governments, Latin American leftists like Evo Morales and the late Hugo Chavez, the resurgent Right in Europe and the United States, Hungarian and Polish anti-communist parties, Podemos, the Eurocommunism of the tragic Syriza, the revitalizers of social democracy Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn – all under the same umbrella.

Almost everyone now uses this word in an unthinking way but “populism” is not an innocent...

Luke Pretz and Bill Resnick
July 3, 2018

While Trump has been careening between policy positions on near everything (China, the Koreas, Syria, NATO, DACA, and health care policy among others), he has in his public statements and tweets remained dedicated to the economic nationalism that was a central plank in his campaign platform. In recent weeks he has kept himself in the headlines announcing aggressive tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from Canada, Mexico, the European Union, also his blunderbuss tariffs on Chinese manufacture perhaps...

Patrick Quinn

Martha Quinn, a founding member of Solidarity, passed away in San Leandro, California, on Monday, June 25th. She was 79 years old. Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1939, she attended New Trier High school in Winnetka, Illinois, for two years and graduated from Ela-Vernon High School in Lake Zurich, Illinois, in 1956. She attended Beloit College for one year before transferring to the University of Wisconsin in Madison, where she became a well-known folksinger.

Martha became a socialist in 1967 in...

THE TRUMP REGIME’S “no tolerance” separation of refugee families at the U.S. border was a designed and calculated show of sadistic cruelty to appeal to the most racist sectors of Trump’s voting base. Instead, it has horrified the country and the world—leading to a mass outpouring of protests and direct action to protect the refugees and their families.

Every day brings new atrocities. It goes even beyond the horror of young children in cages screaming for their parents. Jeff Sessions announcing...

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