The Day After — America Hung Over?

David Finkel

November 4, 2020

Trumpsters chanting “Stop the vote!” outside the central counting board in Detroit after an election official closed the door on them. Nov. 4, 2020. (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)

[This initial response was authored by David Finkel for the National Committee of Solidarity. We continue to follow events. By late Wednesday afternoon, with the Electoral College result appearing to swing narrowly toward Biden in Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona and Nevada, the Trump campaign is beginning to file stop-the-count lawsuits and a rightwing crowd is trying to break into the counting center at the TCF Center in downtown Detroit.]

As the sun rises on a COVID-ravaged and politically fractured U.S. homeland the day after November 3, the main networks are telling us that the unresolved presidential election comes down to a two-states-out-of-three contest in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. The results won’t be known till tonight at the earliest, probably later and not for days in Pennsylvania as late-arriving mail ballots need to be counted.

In short, it’s all over but the counting, recounting and probably litigating. If America isn’t hung over this morning, it probably will be before it’s all done.

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Here’s some of what we know:

For the second straight election, U.S. voters have actually repudiated Donald Trump’s repulsive, racist and nativist message — but this time, contrary to expectations, by a smaller percentage than in 2016. At this writing (7 am Wednesday) Biden has 68,867,000 against Trump’s 66,643,000 votes — a margin of two million but way less than pollsters indicated. Of course, none of this matters in a system governed by the anachronistic Electoral College.

As expected, Donald Trump made a “victory” declaration in the middle of the night and proclaimed “we’re going to the Supreme Court” to stop the vote count while he’s ahead. Importantly, it doesn’t look like the Republican leadership as a whole is backing up this widely anticipated Grand Theft Election gambit — at least for the moment. Prospects for a Trump-engineered “electoral coup” appear to have dimmed.

By most indications, the Republican majority in the Senate will remain intact at least narrowly and the Democrats will hold the House of Representatives by a smaller margin yet to be determined.

Third-party campaigns appear to have been pretty much overwhelmed by the polarization of the two main capitalist parties. The Green Party campaign of Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker is showing a 0.23% vote, but we’ll need more time to see where Green results may be significant in local or state races…

Executive Bureau of the Fourth International
November 25, 2020

1. Mass revolt after a new attack on women

The women’s “black protest” in more than 100 cities and the women’s strike on “Black Monday” 3 October 2016 forced the fundamentalist right-wing Catholic regime led by the Law and Justice (PiS) party to back down on a bill to ban abortion completely and penalise women who abort. In a catastrophic health situation and while lockdown forbids gatherings of more than 5 people, the PiS tried again, hoping both to reduce the rise of the even more extreme...

Fred Glass
November 23, 2020

Prop 15, an ambitious ballot measure to increase taxes on large commercial property, was top priority for both the California labor movement and progressive community organizations and the Chamber of Commerce. When the dust settled, the Chamber could savor its success in robbing billions of dollars from school children, the hungry, the sick, workers who rely on public transportation, communities who live in the path of the next firestorms, and elders and toddlers in daycare facilities.

It accomplished...

J.D. and Z.R.
November 19, 2020

On Thursday, 22 October 2020, the Polish Constitutional Court ruled that the law on termination of pregnancy in force since 1993 was in part unconstitutional. This law had previously authorized abortion in three cases: danger to the health and life of a pregnant woman, the finding of irreparable damage to the foetus and suspicion that the pregnancy was the result of a “prohibited act” i.e. rape or incest. The Court ruled that the latter was contrary to the constitutional provisions on the protection...

Solidarity Ecosocialist Working Group
November 17, 2020

FIRESTORMS IN THE western states, hurricanes pounding the Gulf and East Coast, rising water along the ocean shore and Great Lakes along with the pandemic blanketing the United States all starkly reaffirm that humans are part of nature — and can only attempt to subdue it at our own peril.

Hopefully, more and more people recognize that the scientific predictions....

Promise Li interviews To Chi-kuen of Borderless Movement
November 16, 2020

Hong Kong’s protest movement has seen a major setback with the introduction of the National Security Laws in July. In this atmosphere, continuing to archive, analyze, and humanize the political choices protestors made is no retreat. Rather, it’s a necessary part of advancing the city’s ongoing fight for democracy and self-determination, while making sense of its contradictions. In January of this year, I had the privilege of sitting down with my friend and comrade, To Chi-kuen (杜志權),...

Michael Rubin
November 12, 2020

Voter suppression has become a real issue in recent years. Mostly, what we hear on voter suppression are Democrats correctly accusing Republications of disenfranchising people of color and poor and working-class people. I want to call your attention to the voter suppression activity by the Democratic Party in the 2020 election. In a number of states, Democrats actively tried to keep the Green Party off the ballot.

The best known example of this occurred in Wisconsin. Green Party candidate for Vice-President...

K Mann
November 6, 2020

This article is part of discussion of a fluid situation in American politics. It represents the author’s analysis of a specific conjuncture at the time of writing. We will publish other assessments as the situation develops.

Legal challenges notwithstanding, Joe Biden’s apparent victory in both the popular and electoral college vote brings to a close a sordid US presidential election. Voters were offered the choice between Trump, a reactionary, racist, sexist, climate change denying lout...

Bill Resnick
November 4, 2020

A Critique of Kit Wainer’s Complacent View

Kit Wainer’s essay “A very ‘American` coup” dismisses as alarmist and very very improbable a Trump success in stealing the election. Wainer bases his confident prediction on several arguments: That when it appears to his Congressional and Party supporters that Trump is losing, they will turn away from him. That the military and key parts of capital will not support him. That his vigilantes, militias, and 2nd Amendment...

Executive Bureau of the Fourth International
November 2, 2020

The year 2020 thus far has seen the convergence of major crises, the most marking being the covid-19 pandemic which, having seemed to reach a peak in the second trimester, is now once again reaching unprecedented levels of infection. This has combined with the extreme effects of the climatic crisis — wildfires in California and Brazil, widespread flooding in Asia; the reinforced neoliberal offensive as capitalist governments try to recoup the losses of the lockdown period; re-emergence of localized...

Kim Hunter
October 31, 2020

I’m a member of DSA Metro Detroit and of the Black Brown Alliance within that chapter. I write poetry and short stories, and have earned my living in media most of my adult life, so much of this will be geared toward messages and ideas. But I’ll start with the basics.

I am a part of We Make Michigan (WMM), a Fight Back Table. Please find the pledge we are using to sign people up and be ready to move into the streets if needed. The Table is geographically and ideologically diverse with everyone...

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