Ongoing Action against Hate Church in Houston, TX

Folko Mueller

Posted May 2, 2023

Dispatches from the Community

It seems that modern American Fascism will come in the guise of Christian Nationalism. This is evident from the latest Supreme Court attacks on reproductive rights down to what’s happening on the streets. In the U.S., we will thus have to fight the sword and the cross, which is precisely the logo of a local hate church by the name of “Pure Words.”

The church is part of the New Independent Fundament Baptist movement, a network of about thirty churches that is openly misogynist, antisemitic, Holocaust-denying, and advocating the execution of LGBTQ+ people, people who have abortions, abortion-providers, “adulterers,” “rebellious” youth, and “lazy gamers.” These are Christian fascists, pure and simple. One heavily armed member was arrested in Washington state last summer for threatening to kill LGBTQ+ people. The local pastor openly carries a pistol to deliver his sermons. Several members of his congregations have have followed suit, since we started protesting against them.

Sustained protests in north Texas have led to three evictions of the affiliated Stedfast Baptist Church during the past year, and we hope to achieve the same here in Houston. For this to happen, however, we need bigger numbers. We urge any reader who lives in the greater Houston area to join us, to drive vermin out of our community.

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