Webinar: Workers’ Self-organization, Mutual Aid and Socialist Politics—Audio

Solidarity Education Committee

Posted June 4, 2020

(Pictured from top going clockwise) Ann Finkel, Kali Akuno, Micheal Esealuka, and Ted McTaggart

On April 30th we hosted a webinar discussing how acts of solidarity, workers’ self-organization, and mutual aid can be building blocks of social power and pre-figure the human relationships of a democratic socialist society. In our discussion among panelists and questions from those attending we sought to answer: How do we connect organizing mutual aid to building the power to challenge the capitalist state’s neo-liberal austerity policies? How do we connect workers’ self-organization to a movement for revolutionary change? 

Featured speakers included Solidarity comrades Ann Finkel, a Boston school teacher, and Ted McTaggart, a Michigan nurse, who were joined by Michael Eskeula, restaurant worker and DSA member from New Orleans and Cooperation Jackson co-founder Kali Akuno from Jackson, Mississippi.