Weekly Informational Calls on US Social Forum

Posted March 1, 2010

In case you didn’t see, national planners of the US Social Forum will be hosting informational call-in sessions every Tuesday (in english) and Thursday (in spanish) for the month of March (number and schedule below)

The one-hour phone sessions will be an opportunity for anyone to ask questions and hear about the goals and history of the Social Forum, details about what will be happening in Detroit this summer, logistics on how to get involved, and how to use the Forum as an opportunity for local and regional movement-building.

Registration is already open. Workshop and Cultural submissions can be made until March 20th. For more information, check the website at www.ussf2010.org

The Forum builds off the decade old process of the World Social Forum. With the intentional work of being by grassroots, low-income, people of color, young people, and LGBTQI communities, the forum is built by the grassroots for the grassroots to ensure that those affected by issues are at the center of movement responses and actions. It is a movement-building process that opens space for convergence, strategy exchange, and expanding our visions under the banner Another World is Possible. Another US is Necessary. A New Detroit is Underway.

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Phone Info Sessions All Month Long

Have questions about the Forum? Want to know how to register, how to get involved, what will be happening in Detroit?

National planners will be hosting one hour phone presentations for anyone to call and participate.

Call: 712.432.0075

pass: 388105#

Tues 3/02 2pm EST (eng)

Thurs 3/04 6pm EST (span)

Tues 3/09 2pm EST (eng)

Thurs 3/11 6pm EST (span)

Tues 3/16 2pm EST (eng)

Thurs 3/18 6pm EST (span)