The Crisis After Trump—Podcast Edition

Posted February 4, 2021

Our interview with Mike is an extended discussion of the geography of neoliberal capitalism: the devastation being wreaked by the twin crises of the pandemic and economy; the utter inadequacy of the state’s response to address these crises for working people; the origins of the pandemic and emerging new strains of the virus; big pharma and vaccines; white supremacy; the class background of Trump supporters; the reactionary role of mega churches; and, most importantly, what we can do to organize against these onslaughts and the hopeful signs of resistance that emerged in the movement for Black lives and other eruptions.  

This is our featured podcast episode with Dianne Feeley interviewing Mike Davis, a prolific author, urban theorist and researcher. His books include the prophetic The Monster at Our Door (2005) on the global pandemic threat and the followup,The Monster Enters (2020) on the coronavirus disaster. His works also include Planet of Slums (2005) on the causes and consequences of runaway urbanization, books on the history of Los Angeles, City of Quartz (1990) and Set the Night on Fire (2020, co-authored with Jon Wiener) and many others.