Summer School Readings

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  • Opening Plenary: Crisis, Austerity, and Resistance and Workshops: A Marxist View of the Crisis and Austerity and Resistance in Europe
    Overview of the crisis: Click here.

    On the crisis in Europe: Click here.

    “The Politics of Austerity, Occupy & the 2012 Elections”: Click here.

    “The International Context of Global Outrage”: Click here.

    KPFK: Interview with Bob Brenner on Beneath the Surface: Click here.

    “The Long Downturn: The Roots of the Crisis in the Real Economy,” by Bob Brenner: Click here.

  • Workshop: How Austerity Impacts Oppressed Groups: African-Americans, Women, LGBT
    “The Queerness of Welfare Policy”: Click here.
    “Caught in the Whirlwind: US Working-Class Families Face the Crisis”: Click here.
    “Wealth Gap Between Minorities & White Americans Doubles After Housing Crisis, Recession”: Click here.
  • Workshop: Austerity, Immigration, and Latino Communities
    Reading list (all hyperlinked articles) on immigration: Click here.
    “The Latino/Hispanic Communities in the U.S.:
    History, Demography, Issues, Politics—A Socialist Approach”: Click here.

Black Liberation

  • Workshop: SNCC: From Civil Rights to Black Liberation
    Hands on the Freedom Plow: Personal Accounts by Women in SNCC, edited by Faith S. Holsaert, Martha Prescod Norman Noonan, Judy Richardson, Betty Garman Robinson, Jean Smith Young, Dorothy M. Zellner—soon to be out in paperback
    Interview with Gwen Patton, “No Outside Saviors,” ATC: Click here.
    “Mobs, Vigilantes, Cops, and Feds: The Repression of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee,” Martin Oppenheimer in New Politics: Click here.
    My Year of Transition, Elizabeth Martinez, ATC: Click here.
    SNCC: The Importance of Its Work, the Value of Its Legacy, Charles Cobb, Click here.
    SNCC Founding Statement: Click here.
    SNCC Statement on Vietnam: Click here.
  • Workshop: The School to Prison Pipeline
  • Workshop: Contemporary Developments on the Black Left
    Reading: The Jackson Plan, Click here.


  • Plenary: Ecosocialist Visions
  • Workshop: Marxism and Ecology
    Environmental Justice Principles: Click here.
    “Ecology & Socialism (document from the Fourth International): Click here.
    John Bellamy Foster, “Nature and The Communist Manifesto”: Click here.
  • Workshop: Environmental Racism and Indigenous Resistance

The Occupy Movement

  • Plenary: Occupy and Resistance
  • Workshop: Occupy and Labor
  • Workshop: Debates on Anarchism, Autonomism and the State

Revolutionary History

  • Workshop: How Were Mass Socialist Parties Built? The Rise of the Second and Third Internationals
    Socialist Organization Today (2009 edition): Click here.
    What is Left of Leninism: Click here.
    The Emergence of the Mass Workers Parties and Trade Unions: Click here.
  • Workshop: The Persisting Relevance of the Russian Revoluton: Myths, Realities, and Legacies
    Suzi Weissman, “The Russian Revolution Revisited”: Click here.
    Suzi Weissman on Victor Serge, “Victor Serge: For Our Time”: Click here.
    Simon Pirani, “Notes from a Dying Revolution”: Click here.
    Sam Farber reviewing Pirani’s book: The Russian Revolution in Retreat, 1920-24: Click here.
    Sam Farber, “The Uses of Dmitri Volkogonov,” click here, & Suzi Weissman, “Trotsky Assassinated Again,” click here.

Special Workshop: Student Struggles in Quebec

Reading: Quebec Student Strike Round-up, click here.