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  1. Bob May Avatar
    Bob May

    I have long appreciated Norman Finkelstein’s efforts to correct the public record. I found Solidarity because of Finkelstein’s comment that David Finkel actually read “Gaza” before writing his book review.

    I’m a slow reader and will never be able to read the book cover to cover. So, I picked a topic, Hamas, and read many of those entries.

    Thus, my request to get your newsletter. I need to substantiate my FB postings about Israel’s use of the media, including NPR, to spread its anti-Palestinian propaganda. Between AIPAC and the Christian Fundamentalists, the Palestinians won’t have a chance unless more of us use the social media to dispute Trump’s, et al, and Netanyahu’s, et al, lies to justify their (genocidal) goals.

    I hope to get your guidance to be efficient and effective!