Solidarity Convenes National Convention

Solidarity National Committee

Posted August 30, 2023

The national convention of the socialist, feminist anti-racist organization Solidarity convened online during the weekend of August 18-20, 2023.

Reports and lively discussions covered topics including the chaotic state of U.S. politics and the need for independent political action in the face of a rising rightwing assault on abortion, reproductive and voting rights among others; the movement for police abolition and its connection to socialist transformation; labor’s “hot summer” and particularly the contract struggle and looming strike in auto; the “entangled imperialisms” of today’s global rivalries, and building solidarity with Ukraine against Russia’s annexationist invasion.

Members also discussed our view of the left today and, in particular, their involvement in and assessments of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).

Guests from Puerto Rico, Brazil, Canada and France participated in various sessions, and international greetings were delivered by a representative from the Bureau of the Fourth International.

There was agreement that going forward, the environmental catastrophe that’s more visible every day must command heightened attention in our thinking and activist work.

While the years since the emergence of Covid have been very difficult on so many levels, including the pandemic’s impact on the ability to meet in-person and on movement activity, members felt encouraged that our organization has come through this period and stabilized our membership.

The convention formally adopted two resolutions posted elsewhere on our website: The Policing System and Its Replacement, and On Anti-imperialism and International Solidarity: From Ukraine to Palestine and Beyond. On so many fronts, a busy year awaits us!


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