Socialism From Below Podcast Episode 1: Comuna, PSOL, Bolsonaro, and the Pandemic

Luke Pretz

Posted June 2, 2021

This week we are joined by Vini Almeida who is a member of the Brazilian socialist organization Comuna. We talk about the challenges socialists face when working to build a democratic and multi-tendency socialist organization, electoral politics, supporters of the new right, and the political effects of the pandemic. Throughout we draw connections between the political situations in the US and Brazil.

To find out more about Communa check out their website

~ Min 1 What is Comuna and PSOL? 

~ Min 16 The Bolsonaro government, wannabe fascists, and his extreme neoliberal policy

~ Min 25 Who supports Bolsonaro?

~ Min 35 Pressures on, fissures within, the effects of the pandemic on the Bolsonaro government.

~ Min 54 Prospects for the left in Brazil