Don’t Just Snap, Organize… Let’s “Slater” together!

Posted August 12, 2010

Hi, I’m Dan La Botz, the Socialist Party candidate for U.S. senate. I’ve been thinking about this guy Steve Slater that you’ve all been hearing about, from Jet Blue. People say he “snapped” on that airline. I think a lot of us are ready to snap. I think it’s giving expression to the way people are feeling about what’s happening to our society.

Think about working in the airline industry. Riding a plane used to be kind of fun. But the companies have made the planes so crowded, and the class business in the planes – you know, they used to put old people, and people with babies on the plane first. Now they put the “platinum people” on the plane first, and the “copper” people get on last.

It used to be kind of a good job to be a flight attendant. People liked that job; they had good unions there. And now people are ready to snap because the airline companies have made that a bad job.

I think a lot of people feel like Steve Slater. It’s time to snap. But not snap alone, not Slater alone, let’s Slater together. What do they call that when you Slater together? They call that a strike, they call that a protest, they call that a job action. They call that fighting back, they call what saying ‘we shouldn’t live like this anymore’. We don’t want to live in a world where people snap. So let’s get the snap organized, let’s Slater together, and let’s change this society.


One response to “Don’t Just Snap, Organize… Let’s “Slater” together!”

  1. Schuyler K. Avatar
    Schuyler K.

    I am Steven Slater and I am ready to snap. And yet, I know I’s feel a hell of a lot better if I snapped with other people. I agree. I’ll strike, I’ll protest, and I won’t stop until we, collectively, in solidarity, change the world.