Rank and File Trade Union Activity and the Upcoming Teamsters Election (Part 2)

Posted November 17, 2021

In this episode we are joined by Gabriella a rank and file Teamster, UPS worker, and Teamsters for a Democratic Union steering committee member. In this episode we discuss rank and file union organizing, the challenges and opportunities the upcoming Teamsters election presents, and Teamsters for a Democratic Union.

Follow Gabriella on Twitter @revivethestreijk for updates on her war on cheese and Teamsters posting. Check out the websites for  Teamsters for a Democratic Union https://www.tdu.org/ and Teamsters United https://www.oz2021.com/ to learn more about them. You can find the Joe Burns books mentioned by Gabriella at most book sellers.

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This is part two of two in a series of conversations about TDU, TU, and the Teamsters election.