Socialism From Below Episode 3: The 2021 Colombian Protests

Posted July 14, 2021

This week we are joined by Jhon a member of the National Bank Employees Union in Colombia and an organizer involved with the latest round of protests in Colombia. We talk about the neoliberal agenda that has sparked this series of protests, the state’s response, the role of narco trafficking paramilitaries, and the power of a united and democratic working class movement.

Jhon suggests that you follow these sites for news about the protest movement: Canal Dos and El Comando Departmental Unitario

~Min 2:34 The neoliberal program that sparked the protests

~Min 10:40 Narco trafficking and its relationship to the state

~Min 15:05 Venezuelan Refugees

~Min 21:00 State violence against protesters

~Min 29:30 Role of paramilitaries and narco trafficking in the state repression

~Min 37:30 Current protest movement and the work of building it from the bottom up

~Min 51:00 The power of a United and democratic working class movement

~Min 55:30 How comrades in the US can support Columbian comrades

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