VIDEO: Charlie Post on “The Rise of the Right” and “The American Road to Capitalism”

by Middle Tennessee Solidarity

Posted October 23, 2012

On September 25th & 26th, Middle Tennessee Solidarity sponsored two events featuring Charlie Post, author of the recently published, The American Road to Capitalism. The first presentation focuses on the resurgence of the far-right, particularly in the United States. The second talk addresses many of the themes in Charlie’s book.

Charles Post, Ph.D., is a professor of Sociology at Borough of Manhattan Community College-City University of New York. His work includes political sociology, analysis of the capitalist economic system (particularly the current crisis), and a variety of other issues. He is also a member of Solidarity.

The Rise of the Right

The American Road to Capitalism


One response to “VIDEO: Charlie Post on “The Rise of the Right” and “The American Road to Capitalism””

  1. Olen Avatar

    Excellent videos. However, my experience with the left has been very disappointing. The left has become extremely bourgeoisie and are just as fearful of the mobilization of the lower income strata and unorganized majority of the working class and poor as the capitalists. Quite some time ago, I worked for a fitness facility where I wasn’t paid much but at times I could do personal training at a higher rate. I also helped low income folks, handicapped, and such for free. However, a prominent major business Union official, who made a great salary as part of the international board, and would not allow foreign cars to park in his driveway… constantly sought free help with everything from diet to personalized exercise programs, etc. He never thought of me as a low-income worker who occasionally earned a decent wage for an hour here or there, but otherwise didn’t even earn subsistence wages… he, in fact would get angry if I refused to provide my expertise (in gratis) that he never once paid for! He was perfectly content in my earning minimum wage as long as he received my labor for free. In other words, I didn’t belong to his Union so I was not even deemed worthy of a livable income. Other left-oriented groups are fine with sending donation emails and requests for support, as long as you agree with the bourgeoisie values they promote and send money. If you offer to put feet on the ground in working class and poor areas, they aren’t very interested. You are made to feel like an out-caste by the supposed advocates of a classless society. Until such things change; organizing the unorganized into an effective radical working class movement has little chance of success.