Spain: Videos from the Revolt

Posted May 27, 2011

These videos were created by Sandra Ezquerra, who wrote an article on women in the Spanish economy for Against the Current. She included the following note:

I am sending you the link to a little video I just made on the mass concentrations and campings going on in dozens of cities in Spain. The one in the video is on my city, Barcelona, but there are many more in other places and the ones in Madrid is much bigger. Thousands are getting together to say stop the crisis, stop a system that exploits people and the planet, stop sexism, stop corruption, and stop this false democracy. This is a very inspiring moment here in Spain and we need everybody in the world to have first-hand knowledge of what is happening. The political class is seriously worried.

I have added English subtitles in the video so people from outside the country could understand. Please, send it to all your contacts and let’s make the revolution global!!