New Wisconsin Solidarity Flyer: WOMEN WORKING IT!

Posted March 8, 2011

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Walker is cutting $1.25 billion from state and local government. The budget gets rid of 17,418 jobs from the University of Wisconsin. It cuts $749.9 million from public primary and secondary education. And women are at the center of the crisis.

  • Women make up 56% of state government workers
  • Women make up 58% of municipal workers
  • Women in government jobs tend to work as teachers, social workers, administrative assistants and secretaries.
  • Wisconsin is one of the lowest ranked states in the number of women in managerial and professional positions
  • The median wage of Black and Latina women is significantly lower than that of white women in Wisconsin
  • 25% of women headed households are poor

Walker has proposed $1.25 billion in cuts from schools and local government in Wisconsin, and the greater budget will be balanced by cutting our “social services” such as healthcare, education, disability access and transportation.

If we take a glance at the jobs that are at risk, they are positions that are undervalued and filled predominately by women: teachers, municipal workers, nurses, government workers, and administrators. These workers will find their jobs gone or increasingly difficult with these cuts. Women are bearing the economic brunt of the Walker’s attack.

What the government considers “unnecessary costs” such as education, social work, administrative work and health care fall promptly on women. Women make up 56% of state workers, and 58% of municipal workers. Women will be the people losing work thanks to Walker’s budget cuts.

Who is losing work in our budget cuts? Women. Who stands to lose the most from the bill that cuts healthcare, welfare, and education? Women, single parents, teachers, and government workers. Fight back! Take Action! Say no! Let’s reclaim our state and demand that the bill dies. Don’t balance the budget on the backs of women!


One response to “New Wisconsin Solidarity Flyer: WOMEN WORKING IT!”

  1. Dianne Avatar

    Great leaflet!

    Austerity and globalized capitalism have increased the obstacles women face not only in the United States, but also around the world. Here’s an article from the March/April issue of AGAINST THE CURRENT from Spain. I think it makes the same points as this leaflet does about Wisconsin!