New Statement from Wisconsin: Keep the Heat On!

Posted March 2, 2011

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We’ve occupied the capitol for more than two weeks and our presence—as workers and as members of this community—has delayed the vote in the Assembly and stopped the vote in the Senate. Without us, legislation would have already passed to crush public sector unions and allow our schools and community services to deteriorate.

Every day we occupy, we challenge the notion that workers who teach our children, handle our business, and care for the most vulnerable among us, are people we should resent. We know the budget crisis is the result of tax benefits to the corporate and financial elites and we know the crisis is a cover for an attack on all working people.

Just as the demonstrations in Cairo’s Tahrir Square inspired the world, our reclaimed capitol has become a symbol of resistance to the assault launched on working people. Supporters around the state, around the country, and even around the world are with our struggle and have come to our aid.

This is a national project. Wisconsin isn’t the only place fending off union-busters and attacks on working people: similar legislation has been introduced in Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, and Florida. This is an attack on all working people, and working people around the country and the world are behind us.

Kill the WHOLE Bill. This bill is about more than union busting, it includes attacks on affirmative action, sexual orientation protection, reproductive rights, disability insurance, and children in classrooms. The WHOLE BILL has got to go!

MAKE THEM do the right thing. We’re not going to lobby our way out of this one. The only thing changing votes is our presence in the streets and in the capitol—if it comes to a strike, our union friends and family need to know that we’re all in this together and they’ll have our support no matter what. Keep the pressure on! Make them hear our voices!

Hit them where it hurts. Last week there were actions at M&I Bank, Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, Koch Industries lobbying firm and the GOP Office. These actions keep us ahead in the fight. Get creative and keep picking targets!

Tax the rich! We didn’t make this crisis, they did. Corporations and rich folks are seeing their best days from the work of people in Wisconsin. We work harder than ever and corporations pay less than 7% of the state budget. We need to kill this bill but we also need to make them pay their fair share.