New Anti-Capitalist Party (France) on Tunisia

Posted January 30, 2011

Mike F. (NY) has translated this statement from the NPA (New Anti-Capitalist Party), our French comrades, on the Tunisian Revolution:

STATEMENT FROM THE NPA (January 26, 2011);

One after the other, the pitiful declarations of members of the Fillon government, from Alliot-Marie to Lemaire and including Sarkozy, have shown that they do not understand the reasons for the revolt of the Tunisian people.

Their explanations try to camouflage their political choice to the support for a friendly dictatorship, sanctioned by Sarkozy during his trip in 2008.

The so-called transitional government to prepare for the elections, stacked with politicians from the RCD, is rejected by the great mass of the people who overthrew Ben Ali after a month of continuous demonstrations, despite ferocious police repression.

The revolution continues its forward march to force the resignation of this government and to construct organs of power where the people are represented, heard and make the decisions.

Daily demonstrations, a teachers’ strike and a strike in the city of Sfax called by the UGTT [main trade union federation] show that the youth and the Tunisian people do not want to be robbed of their social and democratic revolution.

The NPA reaffirms its unconditional support for the on-going revolution in Tunisia, for the Tunisian people who don’t intend to give up anything, and for the organizations that are struggling to construct a democratic society based on the sharing of wealth and the right of employment for everyone.

More than ever, solidarity is a necessity to defend a revolution that has raised so much hope in the Maghreb, in Egypt and in all the Arab countries.


One response to “New Anti-Capitalist Party (France) on Tunisia”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    such as above is childishly idealistic Best and dangerously naïve in all likelihood.

    one doesn’t have to be a professional to rise that nothing good is going to come of the uprisings so-called in Tunisia or Egypt.
    In all probability it’s only opening the door for Islam fascists to gain more power .
    capitalism is flawed in many ways, however it is still the least ugly alternative