¡Empleos Ya! — We Need Jobs, And Now!

Posted April 8, 2010

This leaflet was handed out at a Hispanic Roundtable Candidate Forum in Cleveland, OH.

¡Empleos Ya!

Necesitamos empleo y lo necesitamos ahora. Ohio es número cinco en la nación en desempleo. La proporción oficial de desempleo es 10.9 por ciento. En realidad aproxima a 17 por ciento. Toda la gente de Ohio debe tener trabajo.

La comunidad hispana ha sido duramente golpeada. La gente latina ha perdido trabajos en la construcción, la manufactura y en los servicios. Mientras la proporción de desempleo total en los EEUU es 9.7 por ciento, para los hispanos llega a 12.6 por ciento, y para los Afro-Americanos alcanza 16.5 por ciento. ¡Hay que hacer algo ahora!

El Partido Republicano causó la crisis, y el Partido Demócrata ha manejado la crisis, pero todavía las cosas se empeoran. Ni el uno ni el otro ha hecho lo necesario para crear empleos. El Demócrata dice que va a cortar los impuestos a los negocios pequeños, pero eso no va a resolver el problema de empleo.

Necesitamos empleo ahora y tenemos que crear una economía de empleo para todos. El gobierno de los EEUU y él del Estado de Ohio deben tomar las plantas cerradas y ponerlas a trabajar por emplear a los desempleados en la manufactura ecológica.

Necesitamos programas para emplear a la gente: En la renovación de nuestras ciudades deterioradas. En la renovación de nuestras escuelas. En la construción de nueva infrastructura.

Necesitamos una nueva alternativa política fundada en las necesidades del pueblo y no en los beneficios de las corporaciones.

  • ¡Empleos ya! ¡Una economía de empleos para todos!
  • ¡Basta ya la guerras en Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan! !Que regresen nuestros hijos y hijas!
  • !Medicare para todos! Eliminémonos las empresas aseguradoras de la salud!
  • !Pongámonos fin a la crisis ambiental! ¡Creámonos trabajos en una nueva economía ambiental!

Dan La Botz, Partido Socialista

Candidato para El Senado de los EEUU


Paid for by the Committee to Elect Dan La Botz

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We Need Jobs—and Now

We need jobs and we need them now. Ohio has the fifth highest unemployment in the nation. Ohio’s official jobless rate is 10.9 percent. The real jobless rate is more like 17 percent. All Ohioans need jobs.

The Hispanic community has been particularly hard hit. Latinos have lost jobs in construction, in manufacturing, and in services. While the total U.S. jobless rate is 9.7 percent, unemployment for Hispanics is 12.6 percent and for African Americans 16.5 percent. Something must be done now.

The Republicans ushered in this crisis, and the Democrats have overseen it and let things deteriorate. Neither party has done what’s necessary to create jobs. The Democratic program of tax breaks to small business will not solve this problem.

We need jobs now and we need to build a full-employment economy. The U.S. government and the Ohio State government must take over idle plants and begin putting people to work manufacturing for the green economy.

We need government programs to put people to work: Rebuilding our decaying cities. Rebuilding our inner city schools. Rebuilding our infrastructure.

We need a new political alternative, one that puts emphasis not on corporations’ needs but on our peoples’ needs.

  • Jobs Now! Create a Full Employment Economy!
  • End the Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan! Bring the Troops Home Now!
  • Medicare for All! Eliminate the Insurance Companies from Health Care!
  • Stop the Environmental Crisis! Create Public jobs in a Green Economy!

Dan La Botz, Socialist Party

Candidate for the U.S. Senate


Paid for by the Committee to Elect Dan La Botz


2 responses to “¡Empleos Ya! — We Need Jobs, And Now!”

  1. Dan La Botz Avatar

    Carl’s right that we don’t want this government, state or national, to run the factories. When I have more space to write or speak about this issue, I make clear that government should put up the money, society should make the general plan–a green economy, for example, with factories producing solar, wind turbines or geothermal equipment–and workers aided by the consumers should run the plants.

    We want the government to take over idle plants and provide the capital to put people to work, we want society at large to set the plan, and we want workers to run them with the help of consumers. We cannot accomplish this without creating an independent political party which would fight for the goals of a socialized economy, green production, and workers power, and all of the other issues of democracy, justice, and equality that we are concerned with. – DanLaBotz.com

  2. Carl Davidson Avatar

    Saying Ohio’s government should ‘take over’ abandoned factories is a decent step, but it begs the real questions, ‘What happens next?’

    Most workers would groan at the notion that a committee of state politicians running a factory. they can’t even keep their hands out of the cookie jars running their own offices.

    I think you need to spell this out more. Have the state lease the factories back to the unions and their local allies. Have workers elect their managers, one worker, one vote. Develop green energy products by borrowing ideas from the GAMESA-USW plants in PA. Most of all, have government, especially county-level, become the consumer-in-chief of clean energy generating products, by finding the cash via appropriate taxes to write the purchase orders.

    David Schweickart spells it out in his book, ‘After Capitalism.’ It’s the serious starting point for programs like this.