Honduras: Counting the Votes, Or Rigging the Count?

Posted December 9, 2009

If a lie is repeated enough times and in enough places, some will believe the lie is the truth. That’s the strategy the leaders of the Honduran coup are employing. In the face of those who called for a boycott of the November 29th elections, including duly elected president Zelaya (still holed up in the Brazilian Embassy), they claim 62% voted. With this “legitimacy,” they want the international community to forget the July coup, and rubber stamp the election outcome. But was the vote was “transparent” and “massive”?

The Real News Network has been covering the Honduras coup since last July. Their latest video details how few people voted–perhaps a bit more than one third, but not one half. Given the military deployment, such low voter turnout is indeed impressive.

Take a look at the latest video in the Real News Network series and judge for yourself:

More at The Real News

The opposition continues even in the face of continuing repression! Their latest communique #42 states:

  1. We maintain our position of complete non-recognition of the regime that will be installed on the 27th of January, which will be the continuation of the dictatorship that the oligarchy imposed with the coup d’etat on the 28th of June.
  2. We reject the media campaign that speaks of a “unity government” made up of sectors that were accomplices in the breaking of the constitutional order and that will serve to pass power from the Micheletti dictatorship to the Lobo dictatorship.
  3. We denounce the plans of the oligarchy to transfer the costs of the coup d’etat to the poor people, through a packet of economic measures that include raising the sales tax, devaluing the Lempira [Honduran currency], and raising electricity rates among others. They are trying to apply this packet before the new dictator takes posession to disassociate the worsening of the social and economic crisis in which he, his party and his class are participants.
  4. We reiterate that the Honduran people will not be responsible for the debts assumed by the de facto authorities, whether with national or international banks.
  5. We call to the peoples of the world to stay in solidarity with the struggle that the Honduran Resistance is continuing. we ask that you carry out acts of repudiation towards the representatives of the dictatorship who are trying to gain international backing.
  6. We celebrate and thank the decision of the governments who make up MERCOSUR to not recognize the elections and the regime that will be installed on January 27th. We call to all of the governments of the world to follow this example.
  7. The National Front of Resistance Against the Coup d’Etat is on its feet in struggle and has the backing of the majority of the Honduran people. We are currently raising our organizational efforts to defeat the oligarchy and install an inclusive and popular National Constitutional Assembly.
  8. We resist and we will win!

    Tegucigalpa, Honduras December 9th, 2009