Mumia, Miami, May 1st

Posted April 22, 2009

Thinking forward to an auspicious May 1st this year.

May 1 is celebrated worldwide as International Workers Day. May Day 2009 promises to be more interesting this year given the increasingly deepening crisis of legitimacy that afflicts capitalism on a global scale.

For May Day 2009–in a city not widely thought of as exactly being a hotbed of proletarian internationalism–an impressive and highly diverse coalition of groups coming from the workers/immigrant rights’ movement and progressive social struggles such as antiwar/peace and international solidarity groups has emerged to organize a march and rally.

That city is Miami and the city’s May Day protest is taking place in its very heart of this city, a city that is much more readily associated with right-wing Cuban-American terrorism than international working class solidarity. The rally and march, complete with speakers, music and spoken word will take place during that Friday’s afternoon downtown rush hour on Brickell “Bank” Avenue.

Read more about this organizing here: Be sure to check the list of groups that are sponsoring it listed on the poster.

Thinking about Mumia. While remaining a living symbol of the racism, repression and complete injustice of the U.S. criminal “justice” system, Pennsylvania Black death row political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal writes about this year’s May Day and the tasks of the international workers’ movement. This while his own case reaches a very key legal conjunction (see, and be sure to sign the petition at:

Here’s what Mumia had to say about May Day 2009. Thanks to Sis. Marpessa Kupendua for passing this along and providing the additional support information that follows Mumia’s column.

May Day ’09
[Speech writ. 3/23/09] (c) ’09 Mumia Abu-Jamal

While May Day has historically been a day of worker’s solidarity and a celebration of labor power, this is not a day or year like any other.

That’s because many nations are in the midst of economic recession and financial failure, and it is workers worldwide who are suffering from layoffs and mass firings in almost every sector of the global economy.

While labor is depressed, capital is aggregating to itself bigger and larger shares of national and global wealth, as governments rush to bail out banks and investment firms, but only if they are “too big to fail.”

Under the newly amended rules of capitalism, corporations (especially in the financial sector) can scam, steal, and hustle virtually everyone, and when the economy falls, the government sails in and bails them out with public money!

Under a system such as this, capitalism can never lose. It’s like a gambling casino, where the house rules change every half hour (or depending on who’s winning and who’s losing!)

But workers are losing.

Around the world, workers are facing lost jobs, vanished careers, foreclosed homes, and families broken and shattered against the grinding wheel of Capital.

This will be one hell of a May Day — but it’s the one that globalized capital has fashioned for us all.

Only if labor is truly globalized can it fight for and demand its fair share from the ravages of capitalism.

Let that be our mission for May Day — and for tomorrow.

–(c) ’09 maj

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  1. Paul Avatar

    These are the groups that have endorsed the Miami May Day Alliance’s rally and march. It includes groups at the forefront of the immigrant right’s movement in South Florida representing the Haitian, Guatemalan and other Latino communities, along with far left, left/liberal, religious, antiwar, Palestine solidarity, and other progressive groups. Apart from individual activists, organized labor did not get on board unfortunately. Solidarity does not have a branch in South Florida, thus was not listed as an endorser.

    ENDORSERS INCLUDE: Miami May Day Alliance, American Friends Service Committee, American Muslim Association of North America (AMANA),, Brevard Patriots for Peace, Broward Anti-War Coalition, Centro de Orientación del Inmigrante (CODI), Coalition of Hispanics Integrating Spanish Speakers through Advocacy and Service (CHISPAS), Fanm Ayisyen Nan Miyami, Inc. (FANM)/ Haitian Women of Miami, Florida Immigrant Coalition (FLIC), Florida Peace Congress, Fort Lauderdale Food Not Bombs, Green Party of Florida, Guatemalan Community-Hispanics Without Borders, Haiti Solidarity, Human Services Coalition, Jews for Peace (Jupiter), Lake Worth Catholic Worker, League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC Florida), Miami For Peace, Miami Veterans for Peace, Muslim American Society (MAS) Freedom Foundation, Pan Afrikan Nationalists of South Florida, Pax Christi Palm Beach, Pax Christi St. Maurice, PowerU, Progressive Democrats of North Miami-Dade, St. Augustine People for Peace and Justice, St. Pete for Peace, Secular Jewish Humanists, SOA Watch, Socialist Party USA, South Florida Impeachment Coalition, South Florida Interfaith Worker Justice, South Florida Palestine Solidarity Network, South Florida Peace and Justice Network (SFPJN), South Florida Reds, Students Working for Equal Rights (S.W.E.R.), Unity Coalition/Coalicion Unida, Vecinos Unidos, We Count!