Videos of Green Party Candidate Rosa Clemente Talk at NYU

Posted October 15, 2008

On October 10th the Radical Film and Lecture Series organized a talk by Rosa Clemente, the vice presidential candidate for the Green Party, Hip Hop activist, independent journalist and community organizer. We held the discussion at New York University, where we do most of our work. That evening we talked about some of the big issues facing progressives today. Below are some clips from the event:

  • Community Organizing and Electoral Politics
  • Women involvement in activism and electoral politics
  • Rosa’s political history, the Green Party, being asked to run for VP by Cynthia McKinney
  • The imperative of building the Green Party
  • Attracting young people to the Green Party
  • Where’s radical labor?

  • Shared sacrifice with those who caused the economic crisis
  • How her family has been effected by the subprime mortgage crisis
  • Green Party strategy post Obamamania
  • Green Party fighting election theft
  • Defending non Greens on various issues
  • Who’s really progressive?

  • Which media is not really progressive
  • HipHop activists co-opted
  • A new way of thinking, what we believe in
  • Katrina and the failure of the Democratic Party

  • Mass Civil Disobedience around the environment
  • Using the Patriot act to prosecute protestors as domestic terrorists

  • Deregulation of the Media during Clinton administration
  • Media Consolidation
  • Media is now propaganda for the government
  • Lazy Journalism
  • We must hold progressive media accountable
  • Media Justice must be included with Social Justice

  • They Globalized it, we Globalize Resistance
  • Young people being politically ready
  • Being brought up in a consumer culture.