Biden? Give me a break!!!

Posted August 27, 2008

Because the Democrats had the gall to schedule their convention on the ideal week for riding bikes along Lake Michigan, I neglected to keep up with excitement. Was there any excitement? Any word from the streets of Denver?

I did hear that Joe Biden was chosen as the running mate. Pretty predictable, except he’s not a southerner which would have made it completely predictable. As a Georgian, I was hedging on Sam Nunn (seemed perfect: hawkish, older, white) to fill the slot. Then I got to thinking – isn’t Biden who remarked that Obama was “remarkably clean” or some such racist crap? Yep….

Also, check out my favorite moment of the first Democratic debate, before they got rid of Gravel, who seemed to actually have a real personality…


One response to “Biden? Give me a break!!!”

  1. JohnM Avatar

    One of the biggest employers in Delaware, and the corporation donating the most to Biden in recent years, is MBNA, a credit card company now controlled by Bank of America. Biden’s son worked there for years, and now lobby’s for the credit industry in DC.

    The Obama campaign has had to uncomfortably defend Biden’s support for the ‘Bankruptcy Protection Act’, which makes it harder to us to get out under chronic indebtedness and keeps the banks’ coffers flowing.

    So the Biden selection is another affirmative ‘nod to Wall Street and the financial barons.

    Que se vayan todos!