Make the Road By Blogging

Posted April 8, 2008

I didn’t want all the burgeoning Solidarity bloggers or our loyal fans to miss the Carnival of Socialism up at stroppyblog. The previous Carnival was here–definitely worth a look. You should also note that there is an upcoming Carnival of Socialism to which you can and should submit your best work! Do so at Practically Insurgent.

The socialist blogosphere is only one small part of the blogworld-o-leftwing-radical/progressive-politics. You might also want to check out the feminist blogosphere; an exciting world of cultural commentary, analysis from a variety of feminist perspectives and thrilling flame wars.

You can check out the latest Carnival of Feminists here.

Other than that some of my personal favorites are:

Capitalism Bad, Tree Pretty.

Angry Black Bitch

La Chola

Illka Damen


Some of the most popular feminist blogs:



Alas a Blog


Bitch PHD

There are also a lot of great anti-racist blogs. The most recent Erase Racism carnival is here, while submissions to the next carnival can be posted here .

Other great blogs are below; I hope by now its obvious that some of the best feminist bloggers are socialists,while some of the best blogs on race are feminist blogs, too,etc. Assignments to one or another post have been made largely in service to providing you with bite-size chunks rather than aimed at a strict taxonomy of the radical/progressive blogosphere.


My Private Casbah


Angry Asian Man

Double Consciousness


Colorlines Blog

Racism Ain’t Over

For those who lurk on lefty blogs–who are your favorite socialist bloggers? What are their best posts? Anybody have anonymous friend’s blogs we should know about?

I’ll be waiting with baited breath for your juiciest links.