No War!

Solidarity National Committee

Posted January 4, 2020

Trump’s assassination of Iranian General Oassim Suleimani on Iraqi soil is an escalation of his desire to destroy the Iranian regime. Since he came to office Trump has plotted to pull the U.S. government out of the nuclear agreement signed by several European countries and Iran. Following that he has imposed sanctions that have made the average Iranian civilian’s life much more difficult. Given that a quarter of the world’s oil passes through the Strait of Hormuz, on Iran’s shore, U.S. military maneuvers there also inflamed tensions between Washington and Tehran.

Solidarity opposes a U.S. war with Iran and sees the assassination followed by ordering thousands of U.S. troops to the region as war preparation. Washington should be withdrawing troops from the Middle East, not putting more troops in harm’s way.

We ask our members to mobilize in opposing yet another war in the Middle East. We particularly encourage our members to join actions sponsored by US Labor against the War, Jobs with Justice and Democratic Socialists of America. We encourage members of unions to propose a statement against the war from their unions or rank-and-file caucuses.

We note that the DSA statement against war also demands that the U.S. government lift the sanctions, rejoin the Iran Nuclear deal and remove U.S. troops from Iraq. This, indeed, is the first step toward removing all U.S. troops from the Middle East and expressing solidarity with those who have been in the streets, fighting for their liberation.


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    Atlanta, meet at 3 pm in Little Five Points on Jan. 4, Saturday.