Venezuelan socialists condemn attempted coup

Two articles from International Viewpoint

Posted May 7, 2019

International Viewpoint published English translations of statements by two Venezuelan socialist groups with which the Fourth International has fraternal relations, We reject the attempted military coup by Guaidó, López and their imperialist partners. May the discontented people not fall into the trap of the coup plotters! by Marea Socialista and We condemn the fascist coup and denounce wage precariousness on 1 May 2019 by Liga Unitaria Chavista Socialista (LUCHAS).

The two statements condemn the attempted coup by Juan Guaidó and Leopoldo López and interference in Venezuelan affairs by the Trump administration and U.S. imperialism. The Marea Socialista statement also criticizes the Maduro government. LUCHAS was part of Marea Socialista until 2016, when Marea Socialista broke with Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro and the governing United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV). See Chavismo From below and We are leaving Marea Socialista and we will no longer call ourselves Marea Socialista-Original Line for more on their respective views.

Pro-government May Day rally in Caracas (Katrina Kozarek)