Declaration of the Fourth International on the current events in Catalonia

from the Executive Bureau of the Fourth International

September 21, 2017

On 20 September 2017, the Civil Guard and the Spanish National Police arrested 14 senior officials of the Generalitat (the Catalan government) and carried out 40 searches of public buildings and private homes. A police operation then seized propaganda material of the CUP (Candidatura de Unidad Popular, the main party of the pro-independence left) and, without any legal authorisation, surrounded its headquarters for the whole day, for no reason other than provocation. Following the prosecution of more than 700 Catalan mayors who support the referendum on October 1st and after repeated complaints against the Bureau of the Catalan Parliament, these actions represent a qualitative leap in the escalation of repression by the Spanish state institutions against the referendum on self-determination.

Escalating repression and intervention of the Generalitat

Spanish police raid government offices in Barcelona. Image by Susana Vera/REUTERS.

Further to this the Spanish Ministry of Finance’s decision to take administrative control of the Generalitat’s accounts de facto amounts to the cancellation of autonomy, after long years of control of public finances by the Generalitat. This under the pretext of ensuring the implementation of austerity policies, although in practice the Madrid government has been seeking to progressively drown autonomy. In addition, Minister Montoro’s measure puts many budget items at risk (starting with the basic insertion income recently approved by the Parliament, aimed at alleviating extreme poverty and social exclusion) and generates uncertainty among civil servants and public employees about their next pay packets.

A clash of legitimacies in Catalonia

Since 6 and 7 September – with the approval of the Referendum Law and the so-called “Disengagement Act” by the Catalan Parliamen – there has been a situation of dual legitimacy in which there are two legal systems that do not mutually recognize each other. The first of these laws is intended to convene the referendum and the second constitutes a kind of “provisional constitution” between a hypothetical Yes victory and a Constituent Assembly. Both laws have been annulled by the Spanish Constitutional Court, but they remain in force from the point of view of the government of the Generalitat and a majority of the Catalan population, who believe that the Constitutional Court has no legitimacy to annul them. This situation contains in embryo a political revolution in a part of the Spanish state and an unprecedented crisis of the post-Francoist monarchy and constitution of 1978. The coming hours and days will be decisive for the outcome.

Supporting the 1 October self-determination referendum and the mobilizations against repression and civil rights

The situation is very tense and the events of 20 September announce an escalation of actions-reactions that points to a situation going beyond the established framework. For the moment, the repressive apparatus has not been fragmented (the Mossos d’Esquadra, the Catalan police, have not dared to disobey the orders of the Spanish courts, but try to adopt a low profile that prevents them from being tried for disobedience), but it is hard to know what will happen if there is open and massive repression against a population that is mobilizing peacefully.

At the moment, the Catalan government is maintaining the call for the referendum on 1 October although in previously the Civil Guard also seized electoral propaganda, ballot papers and census letters in printing presses and newspapers throughout Catalonia.

The escalating repression of the Spanish state, preceded by the so-called “gag law” (which has already severely curtailed democratic rights to deal with the struggles of the indignados and mareas) has generated a de facto state of emergency in which basic rights are being seriously violated. This not only jeopardizes the future of Catalan institutions but threatens the most serious political regression since the coup attempt of 23 February 1981.

Protests erupted following the repressive actions of the Spanish State. Photo by Albert Gea/REUTERS.

The reaction of the Catalan people, including significant sectors of the organized labour movement, has been an enormous mobilization in Barcelona and throughout Catalonia and has counted on mass solidarity against repression and for the right to decide in the main cities of the whole Spanish state. There are discussions on calling a general strike against the repression and on 20 September the Barcelona dockers decided to sabotage the cruisers moored in the city’s port accommodate the almost 5,000 police and civil guards that the Ministry of the Interior has sent to Catalunya to repress the Referendum.

In the coming days, there will be a trial of strength between the Catalan popular and pro-sovereignty forces, with the support of the democratic sectors of the Spanish people, and the immobilism and authoritarian tendencies of the Spanish state, inherited from forty years of Francoist dictatorship.

Moreover, it seems that for the first time the conditions exist for a real coming together of the two great mass movements generated by the world crisis and the regime crisis in the Spanish state, that until now have remained distant and suspicious of each other: the indignados movement that exploded on 15 May, 2011 and the Catalan pro-independence process that emerged a year earlier.

The anti-capitalist and revolutionary Catalan and Spanish state forces must take advantage of and develop enormous strategic potential for rupture inherent in this. The pressure of events is pushing for an objective convergence: faced with repression, the workers and popular sectors become aware of what is at stake and, in turn, nationalist currents seek solidarity from the progressive and democratic forces of the Spanish state as a whole.

Urgent international solidarity

In this context, international mobilization plays a fundamental role in the conflict. A victory in Catalonia would be a victory for all the popular, revolutionary and democratic forces of Europe and the world. A defeat will lead to a serious setback for democracy and class struggle in Catalonia, the Spanish state and the European Union.

The Fourth International calls on its national organizations to organize solidarity in all countries and to call rallies in front of the Spanish embassies and consulates, forthe right to self-determination and against repression faced with each new repressive action attempted by the Spanish state.

Long live the right of self-determination of Catalonia!

All our support for the 1 October referendum on self-determination!

Down with the repression, the attack on freedoms and political regression!

This statement was originally published on International Viewpoint.

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    Revelation of these Mafia based connections extending McCain, was heavily suppressed as result of the fact that that Arizona’s major publication of the time, the Arizona Phoenix, had been founded by Eugene Pullium, colleague to Kempar Marley and John McCain’s business colleague Charles Keating, with whom McCain was imvolved in a 128 million dollar corporate fraud called the Keating 5 scandle involving 5 senior U.S. senators, breach of the direct investment rule and unlawful access of people’s personal segregated funds through Keating’s oversight of the Lincoln bank;
    Eugene Pullium was also grandfather to Dan Quayle, past vice president to McCain campaign proponent George W. Bush;
    Peter Brewton’s book title and documentary, “The CIA Mafia and Goerge W. Bush” outlines in vivid detail the close ties lineage and enmesh of the Mafioso world organized crime syndicate, the CIA and senior members of state within the United States going back many decades into the country’s history;
    Following the second world war, as the cold War with the Soviet Union began, the U.S. Office of Strategic Services or O.S.S., recruited military backing and allied power globally from as many factions as it could in order to fortify itself as much as possible; moral integrity amongst its choice of recruitment was of no importance whatsoever – the only criteria, a staunch opposition to the red; as such, the O.S.S. scraped the bottom of the barrel and recruited organizations and factions of the most unscrupulous sordid variety – thugs gangsters and madmen including the Mafioso organized crime syndicate’s most notorious world front leaders of the day; also annexed and engulfed into the O.S.S.’S domain was the notorious Nazi Ghelan organization, and many of Nazi Gsrmany’s leading scientists engineers, scholars and theologists of the day; ultimately, through the O.S.S.’s annex of the world organized crime syndicate and Nazi Germany’s elite, the O.S.S. saw its structural metamorphosis and the CIA was born, ultimately base and platform for past CIA director Goerge Bush senior whom later went on to become past president of the United States;
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    Revealed is the fact that past Delta/ Northwest Airlines director Richard Karl Goeltz, aquired title and deed to Seagrams Music Industry (CFO and EVP) from none other than past Seagrams CEO, world mafioso organized crime syndicate leader and past JWC President Edgar Bronfman;
    Past Northwest Air CEO and McCain campaign cochair Fred Malick, for his part, was also Nixon’s former speech writer, while Nixon, past infamous FBI director Edgar J Hoover and Mafioso boss man Bebee Reboso are seen gathered over social engagement in the oval office in still shot image;
    Offending FBI agent Steven Davis, for his part, freely admits to the CIA and Mafioso entangled corruptions of the Morman Church Utah, home to his state accomplices Senators Hatch Bond and Romney, for whom past Northwest Air director David A Brandon had been 2012 Romney campaign cochair as aforementioned;
    in fact Davis goes so far as to yield candid admission to CIA money laundering through the Morman Mafia as extension of the sordid affairs kindred with his base of operations;
    As detailed further on in due course, agent Davis’ personal associate Ben Fulford an individual with self admitted deep enmesh with CIA, whom Davis references in his threatening email sent our family copied FBI and McCain amidst attempts on my kidnap, is in turn personal friend and COINTEL accomplice to David Rockefeller, with exhaustive articles on Fulford pointing to the ties between the Fulford and Rockefeller family extending back hundreds of years; Fulford and David Rockefeller, are seen acting together as accomplices in raw corporate cointel production video footage; furthermore, according Davis, the CIA enabled Morman Church Utah, (home to agent Davis’ state colleagues Romney, pro CIA torture proponent Senator Kit Bond and Bush proponent senator Orrin Hatch) at which his father Clyde Davis was seniour member, originally had ownership under the Rockefeller family;
    Offending Airline Northwest Airlines (now under acquisition Delta) is principle beneficiary under David Rockefeller’s corporate banking outlet JP Morgan, while Delta Airlines CEO Richard A. Anderson, sits Atlanta Branch Director of the Federal Reserve Bank, against backdrop David Rockefeller’s status New York federal reserve trustee;
    Past Northwest Air director David A Brandon, is not only past 2012 campaign cochair for Romney, but also senior trustee of Rockefeller tainted Ford Foundation; The Ford Foundation was instrumental in setting up the Rockefeller Commission which tasked itself with the attack and dismantle of the Church Pike U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee hearings investigating FBI and CIA abuses tied to politicaly based international assassination rings and abuses against the citizen;
    Past original CIA director Allun Dulles was key member of the Rockefeller Foundation, as was past U.S. secretary of state, CIA director Allun Dulles’ brother, John Foster Dulles;
    Senior member on the Rockefeller Commission was FBI agent Davis’ Whitehouse and COINTEL accomplice, past U.S. president Ronald Reagan, while key members on the Ford Foundation’s advisory board was yet to be U.S. secretary of state Donald Rumsfeld, who would lead the U.S. through the CIA engineered eugenics based war crime and violation of international law, known as George W Bush’s so called “War on Terror” and the War in Iraq- nothing more than an oil and resource expolit through the IMF the U.N. and the World Bank, the later of which (World Bank) is in corporate lock merger with Rockefeller’s JP Morgan through multibillion dollar contract with U.S. military cable supplier Warner cable, Douglas A Warner sitting Chair of Rockefeller corporate outlet JP Morgan;
    Keeping to mind Rockkefeller’s status New York Federal reserve trustee, and offending airline Delta/Northwest Air CEO Richard A Andersons’ status, Rockefeller corporate interlock Ford Foundation trustee and Atlanta Branch Federal Reserve Director, past Bush administration New York Federal Reserve Director Alan Greenspan is recorded in televised interview in his candid statement and admission, “I regret to inform you but the Iraq War was largely about oil.”

    As of 1998 Onscom (Office of National Security Commission) had investigated Iraq and provided report confirming that it housed no weapons of mass destruction;
    Regardless, past Rockefeller tainted Ford Foundation advisor and Bush administration U.S. secretary of state Donald Rumsfeld, whom as seen in raw captioned footage, had personally amicably met with Saddam Hussein to conduct business on many occassions, insisted weapons of mass destruction in Iraq were yet to be found (they never were) and insisted he knew where they were – on the West Bank ~ a lie and one used to suit a genicidal war of attrition that the Bush administration had decided would be waged well in advance;
    Televised press conference footage of past CIA director and US president Bush Senior captions his infamous words, “our presence in Iraq long exceeds that of Saddam Hussein’s”
    In 1921 Britain placed a compliant puppet King Faisal in Iraq in order to ensure the steady flow of Oil to U.N., an entity largely controlled by Britian and the United States; in 1971 an uprising of the Iraqi people agsint British U.S. oligarchal oppression was ultimately crushed by the CIA – it was a “major victory for the CIA” said past CIA director Goerge Tennet; the CIA would now need to find a new leader for Iraq ~ one suited to task as equally diabolical and ruthless as was the CIA itself – they would find that man in B’Ath party leader Saddam Hussein, propped up into power and position and militarily fueled and backed by the international intelligence communities themselves;
    Far from the Bush administrations’ exploitive attest to the presence of Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, the only weapons found were low grade weapons~ those that FBI agent Steven Davis’ Whitehouse cronies past U.S. presidents Ronald Reagan and George W Bush, had personally provided Saddam Hussein of their own accord, including biological weapons with which Saddam gassed his people;
    “Saddam Hussein – He was no saint – no aggrigarian reformer” said past CIA director Goerge Tennet in televised production ; He was a real “SOB” implied Tennet – but what he fails to state is that Saddam was their* “SOB”* – their hoodlum, a product of none other than the central intelligence agency itself;
    Despite it uncontested Saddam’s unsavory character, the U.S. was far from having the position of moral high ground regarding Hussein and inflicted more carnage on the people of Iraq within a short span of time during Bush’s so called freedom mission, than had Saddam Hussein in all his years, through the United States’ deliberate target of heavily civilian polulated regions such as Falujah, and the use of cancer causing depleted uranium weaponry as means of sadistical psychological warfare meant to bring about the effect of military demoralization;
    One of the worst corporate offenders amongst the military industrial complex, in the assault, was Raytheon Missles Systems, Raytheon director Barbara M. Barett, also trustee of the infamous Ayn Rand Foundation that contributed much to the great depression of the 1930’s, and spawned such notorious military contracting corporate outlets as Ayn Rand prodigy Larry Ellison’s Oracle (Oracle CTO, EVP Larry Ellison, Ellison listed by Forbes as of August 2017 as the 5th wealthiest person in America and the 7th in the world).
    Raytheon Missles’ Barbara Barett is also member listed on the U.S. Defense Business Board, an advisory board for the U.S. department of defense;
    Also listed on the board of defense, is offending Northwest Airlines past corporate director Dennis Hightower, and former U.S. Secretary of State, Madelaine Albrecht, Albrecht infamous in her words “I think the price was worth it” while referencing the genocidal casualty of the corporate exploit driven war in Iraq;
    Also member of the U.S. department of Defense, is Delta (Northwest Airlines acquirer) executive Vice President Vicki B. Escarra, Escarra also listed contractor with the infamous Division 9, a CIA enabled member of the U.S. intelligence community, it’s director Letita A. Long, Deputy Director for the Defense Intelligence Agency;
    The prevelence of military industrial complex presence within the interlaced corporate political bodies and intelligence agencies surrounding offending carrier Northwest Airlines (on which my mother and I sustained original assault) is staggering to fundamentally disturbing degree;

    With respect the Iraqi gun ship massacre reported by wiki leaks Assange /Chelsea Manning understand that the Apache gun ship was a joint product of Boeing and G.E. ; CIA enabled Ben Fulford’s father was past CEO of G.E. while Rockefeller J.P. Morgan Chair Douglas Warner is on the board of advisors (explaining much of the history between the Fulford and Rockefeller family) Boeing in turn, like the now defunct Air America, is notorious for its utility in extraordinary CIA torture rendition effected through the CIA;

    …as extension of this came the CIA’s war crime use of torture imposed on the people of Iraq, with the Red Cross reports, and those from respected U.S. general Anthony Taguba, confirmimg the presence of CIA torture cells in Abugraib and other central housings in Iraq, as corrolary other centres of CIA abuses such as the CIA torture cells discovered in Vilnius, Milan Italy, Bagram and Kandahar, the later two as relates the Afghan War;

    Like his corporate chain affiliate Northwest Air, Time Warner CEO Douglas Warner’s CIA entangle extends well into the ranks of the mafia based world organized crime syndicate as well; The Mafia/CIA based Bronfman family inherited Warner music from Douglas A. Warner’s Time Warner, as corollary McCain’s inheritance of the financial backing for his political career through the Anheizer Busch Beer fortune passed down through the Bronfmans.

    It was Time Magazine, corporate affiliate to Rockefellor JP Morgan Bank chairman Douglas A Warner’s corporate housings, Warner Cable and Time Warner, that was responsible for placing Canadian CIA Bush administration extraordinary torture rendition victim Maher Arar’s name on the top 10 terror list, after approaching him under false auspice of advocacy, promising favorable article turned character assassination hit peice; clearly the synchronicity of my name and online materials of protest, later surfacing maliciously embedded within same COINTEL contrived terror patsy oriented extremist materials in which Maher Arar’s name had originally been found, documents later traced back to agent Davis and wide base entourage COINTEL circuit surrounding him, is a matter of course;
    A lesson that seems lost on the state despite the struggles of the 60’s civil rights movement; Despite I am a person of color – I am a free man, and am not their property* to be arbitrarily ” “delivered” – as Davis put it – abused, tortured, violated or encumbered in any other way – particularly in the absence of any lawful warrant for extradition;

    Agent Davis’ affidavit references both U.S. marshal Kelly Mutschler and FBI agent Marc Rensch, in context these unlawful kidnap tactics; the fact that these same names were found referenced in Winnipeg Police notes subpoenaed in court proceedings only well after Davis had constructed his Washington affidavit, reveals further Davis’ personal enmesh and privy to inside information on our ordeal;

    Clearly aided and abbetted by both Canadian and U.S. federal agencies and state, as evidenced within same said police documents and court materials, this police state collusion was in essence, the FBI’s unscrupulous attempt at building false-pretense case for extradition by which to silence our online voice of protest , which failed in light of my discovery of these materials online and proper formal disclaimer against association with them;

    Roche Tasse past President of International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group, vetts my disclaimer against ownership of the material; I had told him it put me in great danger. Police 1st attempted my kidnap only 4 weeks later and during raid of my home, police had stolen the document printout of Roche Tasse’s vett of my disclaimer against asaociation with the materials; ;
    ( … These documents were created by cointel after my contact with the Arar family in the months prior my kidnap by police and FBI. The author – Johnny America, is a COINTEL accomplice of local CSIS op. agent Harry Held, who dealt us assassination threats against further disclosure, citing allegiance Harper and state (caught on tape* in our forensics)
    Monia Mazigh and Aaron James discuss racial profiling abuses – CBC

    The state’s many attempts upon my kidnap in attempt to silence our voices of protest;
    The Winnipeg Police here within Winnipeg Manitoba Canada , coordinated with and acted as proxy liason for FBI’s unlawful cross snatch and grab efforts targeting my person locally under false color of law without warrant or charges; Then Winnipeg Police Cheif Keith McCaskill, was also President Northwest Chapter of Associates FBI in his duplicituous conflict of interest role as a member of Canadian “Law enforcement” acting on behalf politically motivated rogue U.S. COINTEL/state interests in target of a Canadian citizen.
    McCaskill was also a member on the Board of Canadian Intelligence, as suited him further to his role in coadjute with Canadian government and Canadian federal agencies revealed enmeshed in the attempts upon my kidnap, as evidenced within Winnipeg Police notes and FBI agent Davis’ Washington affidavit;
    Keith McCaskill Past President Northwest Chapter Associates FBI – detail on his role in FBI Kidnap:
    The prospect of collusion in cross border kidnap is nothing new to the Winnipeg Police force; As exposed by Injusticebusters, under past Winnipeg Police officers Theissen and Schinkle, Winnipeger Monique Turenne was kidnapped from her home by Winnipeg Police who presented at her door under false pretenses, without notice to her family or attorney, both of whom learned about her clandestine snatch and grab transport to a South Florida prison only days later;
    We would soon discover even greater evidence of Winnipeg Police’ enmesh with foreign U.S. agencies, as corollary the damnimg evidence found within their notes subpoenaed in court; Following police’ raid of my home and initial synchronous attempt upon my kidnap, it was discovered that many items of both physical and intellectual property were missing and had been theived from my home by police; highly revealing was the fact that amongst the missing intellectual property was also a forensics printout of the COINTEL contrived extremist entrapment materials referencing John McCain and Winnipeg Police “Exploitation Unit” ; interesting was the fact Winnipeg Police gave no admission to having the document in their possession;
    It was ultimately revealed that through exploit of unlawful armed raid of my home, Winnipeg Police had secretly sent this same physical and intellectual property to the FBI and Minneapolis Police in the U.S., and from what our attorney surmised, as an attempt to craft retroactive case and argument for extradition in the wake of failed attempt at entrapment and failed attempt at kidnap; Upok our attorney’s present at Winnipeg Police headquarters Dec 21 and 26rh 2007, to tend to the aspect of my stolen belongings, an officer ‘out of the loop’ candidly admitted the fact my possessions were not available as result the fact they had been sent to the U.S. Winnipeg Police, desperate to conceal the evidence of their politically tainted cross border kidnap Debacle, later stated they would not confirm or deny that their officer had made this statement, but that if he had, he was simply in “error”; the officer had been reading directly off of his computer screen while looking at a file particular my name;
    As our attorney surmised, and as recorded in minutes of court proceedings, like the COINTEL state crafted terror patsy extremist materials in exploit of my name and website url’s through their retroactive embedd in same materials, this sending of my unlawfully theived physical and intellectual property to the U.S., had been extension of aim at suiting building retroactive case and argument for my extradition in wake of failed kidnap efforts;
    Ironically, 2 officers amongst the Winnipeg Police officers involved in the unlawful raid of my home and attempt upon my kidnap, surfaced in the news months later, as of February 2008; officers Peter James Sushnyk and Jess Zebrun, parties culpable in attempt upon my kidnap, had been charged in unrelated case of illegal entry into a dwelling and theft of property;
    Immediately following 1st kidnap attempt through Police of October 27/07, as of October 03/07, CBC television stole my identity with whitewash televised publication of a false Aaron James, (White and not person of color, as to conceal inflammatory aspect of the racial profiling abuses) who gave similar narration of being assaulted aboard same airline at same airport and on approximately the same date (Jan 18 2006)…Police later confirmed there had been no such 2nd Aaron James, and when Journalist Lesley Hughes (whose’ son had witnessed the identity theft) went to cross examine him following this revelation, his family told her he had simply disappeared; Cointel operation as coordinated through FBI Police and state, was obvious;
    It was intended that I simply vanish from the face of the earth with the public not the wiser, on account of the televised identity theft that occurred and a false Aaron James in usurp of my name, who downplayed the circustances and assured the world through the public stage, that he was fine and in no danger to speak of;
    The unassuming CBC reporter who unwittingly aired the televized cointel enabled false feigned identity theft report, Gosia Sawicka, stated she had simply looked my name up in the phone book at the instruction of her supervisors at the CBC, who were doing reports on airport abuses at that time; state agency would have noted my number was unlisted; the false Aaron James had been planted in the phone book revealing the plot to kidnap and then media whitewash, had been strategized months in advance by the state; disturbing however, is the fact that CBC journalist Janet Stewart had been present in providing coverage of CIA extradordinary torture rendition Maher Arar’s wife Monia Mazigh’s presentation at the University of Winnipeg of Feb 24/07 where I had spoken out about the nuances of our ordeal aswell, much to the notice of all in attendance; that the CBC would have erred in mistaken identity and use of a false Aaron James, despite their familiarity with our ordeal as raised to their attention only months prior, raises serious concerns; Gosia Sawicka, for her part, was merely a reporter and so removed from any prospective higher order enmesh, yet the role of those within CBC whom had instructed her upon her actions, remains unclear;

    Even as the false Aaron James televised in identity theft usurp of my name, did his best to convince the world that all was well and he was out of harm’s way, I, the real Aaron James, having only narrowly escaped kidnap to harm, now sat trapped on a cold barren basement floor of a semi abandoned rat infested building without heat or light in the middle of minus 30 degree Winnipeg winter, black out bags over the windows to prevent incidental discovery by the state; this was to be the make shift safe house that certain members of the activist community had provided me at that time; I would ultimately be transferred and relocated from one safehouse to the next multiple times over the course of the 2008 election year, against the backdrop of police’ further snatch and grab attempts that took place throughout the course of the year…
    Winnipeg Police notes subpoenaed in court revealed even further their utility of McCain campaign lobbyist and Winnipeg Police coadjutor Rudy Guliani’s so dubbed Crimestat cyber surveillance system, as moreso cyber stalking mechanism by which they coordinated and ploted further multiple attempts upon my kidnap; Police notes subpoenaed reference their scrutiny of my online materials following their first failed attempt on my kidnap, and their finding of a post in which I articulated the fact I had been forced into safehouse and undisclosed location; same said notes revealed their repeat tresspass upon my premises in the weeks following the first kidnap attempt assault, and their presence at my mother’s home near midnight, come January 08 2008, banging on doors and frightening neighbours;
    Police were desperate to carry out a successful kidnap prior to the advent of hearings scheduled to commence February 13/08 that year, as related their unlawful conduct, in which they had every reason to fear the evidence of their illegal cross border collusion, felony violation of international law, and Republican party motivated political debacle, would come to the surface; in fact these very same hearings in investigation of police are referenced in FBI agent Davis’ Washington affidavit, for the specific purpose of suiting agent Davis’ warning to the FBI and U.S. Department of Justice that they ought act quickly to secure my unlawful render, in order to suppress/conceal the evidence at hand through obstruction of hearings in my kidnap; agent Davis’ Washing affidavit is transparent in outlining the U.S. department of Justice’ intent upon interference obstruction and containment particular these same hearings, with agent Davis’ personal admit to having contacted Minister of Justice David Chomiak and judge Doty’s intent on contact of the Manitoba Law Courts;
    Through the original threats from FBI and Northwest Air officials received 2007 in the months prior kidnap, the aforestated threatening email sent us via agent Davis copied FBI and John McCain, and death threats received from agent Davis and many operatives amongst his circle, post kidnap attempt, amidst the course of this heinous despotic persecution ( some of which are recorded to tape) it was impressed upon us that the Republican party had taken exception to our public online protests against McCain campaign flagship Northwest Air, in the wake of the racial profiling assault we sustained as Canadians visiting the U.S. for medical reasons, and considered it deleterious threat to the outcome of their political campaign;
    The Winnipeg Police have earned a notoriety for their abusive target of marginalized disadvantaged or underrepresented ethnic groups within the city, blacks and natives in particular, so much so that it spawned advent of the Native Justice Inquiry in the wake of Winnipeg Police’ murder of Island Lake Tribal Council leader JJ Harper, whose nephew Craig McDougal would ultimately also suffer the very same fate;
    Evidence of chronic systemic institutionalized Winnipeg Police racial profiling predation was rampant within detail of the Manitoba Human Rights Commission’s reports by Diana Scarth and Jerry Woods, on police abuses released 2007 and 2009;
    Horrific chronicles of kidnap, starlight tours, rapings tasings, and brutality – recounts of being taken beyond the city limits beaten and abused and then forced to walk back to the city in winter conditions without proper clothing: these were just some of the scandalous accounts of unbridled police state brutality and abuse that flooded their office, from which resource much of the reports were drafted; the reports reflected a longstanding well placed distrust and apprehension of police amongst the city’s black and native communities as a whole;
    Reports surfaced of a Winnipeg Police force so menacing and “out of control” that a well respected local journalist of good repute (Gordan Sinclair) whom had reported on and written articles on such abuses, felt afraid for his own safety within his home with constant Police trespass harassment and intimidation tactics metered against him as detergent against further disclosures;
    More recently the epidemic of murdered or missing aboriginal youth across Canada, has raised concerns about the role of policing communities in this affair, either through negligence or direct culpability and involvement;

    The enmesh of FBI agent Steven Davis, the CIA, Northwest Air, John McCain, the Republican Party, Cross border state governance, Winnipeg Police, City Hall and the aforementioned Terror Patsy ploy targeting my person:
    (In brief*)
    The state’s exploit of my online materials of protest( against all abuses suffered through unlawful state malfeasance) was a joint project coordinated between local Winnipeg Police, City Hall (here within Winnipeg), McCain campaign lobbyist Rudy Guliani, FBI, CIA, offending airline Northwest Airlines, and the Republican Party as a whole;
    After putting up online disclosure of abuses suffered, we began getting threats through our YouTube and blogger accounts from self identifying agents of FBI and Northwest Air, immediately thereafter, beginning January 2007 (abuses still ongoing at present day as detailed in due course) …The threats warned we were “pissing people off and creating enemies” and threatened further of intervention through both ISP and Police;
    We discovered article on referencing an online cyber tracking utility employed by Northwest Air, that carried ominous threatening overtones in context its refence to involving the utility of ISP and even law enforcement, in the shuttering of “rogue dissident” websites, as extension of its PR service on behalf of Northwest Air;
    Corollary to this, much later on, during John McCain’s campaign, headlines captioned “McCain plays terror card” and “McCain threatens Political Free Speech – Bloggers not Safe” …The latter of the two refered to legislation McCain was pushing entitled the “Enemy Belligerents Act” which attempted to criminalize online dissent, and afford the state the leverage for retaliatory meaaures including indefinate detainment and confinement – utterly unconstituional in nature -( but yet no moreso unconstitutional than article we discovered online subsequent the state’s first attempt on my kidnap, in which is referenced senior Bush attorney Alun Q Jones’ argument before a British Court that the U.S.’S kidnap of foreign nationals was “legal process”;)

    In the months prior the state’s first attempt at my kidnap, and coming synchronous with the onset of threats received from FBI and Northwest Air online, as of Jan 29 2007 McCain campaign lobbyist Rudy Guliani went out of his way in coming to my home town of Winnipeg Manitoba Canada, for the pointed task of working with the Winnipeg Police and city hall’s then-Mayor Sam Katz, in foment and engineer of ” Crimestat”, the Winnipeg Police’ online cyber tracking utility, which ultimately saw the rogue acting Winnipeg Police’ catalogue of all of my online materials for their exploit toward my framing entrapment and kidnap;
    although we only discovered the online COINTEL contrived extremist entrapment materials as of Sept 28/07, within 4 weeks of Winnipeg Police’ 1st (of many) attempt on my kidnap, we noticed that the materials were dated Feb 13/07, only 2 weeks following McCain campaign lobbyist Guliani’s coadjute with Winnipeg Police in crafting their cyber tracking exploit “crimestat”, which as aforementioned, was exposed culpable transparent to day, in context the references ” John McCain” and “Winnipeg Police Exploitation Unit” found within these materials, against backdrop of the evidence of Winnipeg Police’ catalogue of all of my online materials and collusion with U.S. federal state bodies as revealed both within Winnipeg Police notes and offending FBI agent Steven Davis’ affidavit before Washington’s 81st U.S. attorney general Michael Mukasey;
    A second set of these same COINTEL contrived materials was found to be dated mid March 2007, only weeks following CBC radio’s coverage of Maher Arar’s wife Monia Mazigh’s appearance and presentation here within Winnipeg Feb 24/07 while on her Canada wide tour in vet of the Canadian government’s role in her husband’s kidnap to torture in the U.S.; Guliani was given accolades for his role in “Counterterrorism” as yet further glaring evidence pointing to his enmesh in this debacle.
    The enmesh of city hall with McCain campaign lobbyist Rudy Guliani and Police, is proven beyond any shaddow of doubt against the backdrop of state collusion and hostile intent revealed on the part of city hall councilman Harvey Smith, Winnipeg Manitoba:
    …My mother and I had approached city councilman Harvey Smith’s office in early 2008 in seek of intervention amidst Winnipeg Police’ multiple unlawful attempts at my kidnap to the U.S.

    Smith purported to be the only city councilor to stand up to the hate based abuses of the Winnipeg Police, and had proposed a bi-law to make mandatory that police wear their name tags on their shoulders rather than on their caps, in wake of reports of rogue acting officers removing their caps before committing violent assaults;
    The motion came after a slew of ethnic hate based murders committed by Winnipeg Police that saw the deaths of 3 youths including Mathew Dumas and Craig McDougal, murdered over the course of only several weeks, McDougal as aforementioned, nephew to past Island Lake Tribal Council leader JJ Harper, who’s murder by police had sparked the Native Justice Inquiry; The shootings sparked anger incense and outrage in the communities, while Cheif Henderson asked that the Winnipeg Police stop going on “shooting sprees”.
    Ultimately city councilman Harvey Smith’s proposed bilaw for mandatory shoulder placement of police name tags, was vetoed and rejected by his fellow city councilors Jennifer Gerbasi, Gordon Steeves, and Ron Howard;
    by all external appearances*, councilor Smith had made legitimate attempt at securing police accountability, but failed; However councilor Smith was in fact, nothing more than controlled corrupted opposition with the same objectives as his false pretense opponents in city hall – police state carte blanche impunity;
    Upon our approach of his office early January 2008 in wake of commence of many police executed assaults and attempts on my kidnap, councilor Smith postured advocacy by providing us with a token letter in which he attested to the state of Winnipeg Police institutionalized corruption and abuses; However Harvey’s conflict of interest and false pretense agenda would soon make itself apparent as further underscore of the enmesh of city hall with McCain campaign lobbyist Guliani FBI and police;
    During my mother and I’s first session with councilor Smith, he postured empathy and pledged assurances of his assistance in our seek of intervention accountability and redress; However, once Harvey left the room, his assistant Vincent told us that councilor Smith could not assist us or he would lose his position at city hall;
    We ignored this overt attempt at constructive dismissal, and persued our correspondence with councilor Smith regardless;
    With court hearings in investigation and probe of police misconduct underway, Winnipeg Police executed a barrage of assaults in attempt upon my kidnap, occuring consecutively and in rapid succession July 05, 09, and 10th of 2008, the first of which, as of July 05 th, manifested in Winnipeg Police’ presence in mass outside my apartment door and with three police cars and one black window tinted ghost car in the back lane as intended for my stealth kidnap transport to the U.S.
    Through heavy infiltration of the activist communities, police had learned that I was no longer staying within the safehouses that had been provided me, as result of a false sense of security in thinking their attempts upon my kidnap would cease; With the election year still ongoing I soon realized such further attempts upon my harm, (as directed and imspired through foreign U.S. political interests aimed at containment ) could be expected and were assured;
    As of the incident of July 05/08, I had alerted family to the presence of police, and my mother rushed to the scene by taxi, to find the group of rogue acting police nestled like vultures in the back lane; one of them exclaimed, “and there she is!”, recognizing my mother as concerned party to their illegal activities; ultimately the police fled the scene like rogue bandits in the night, as attest the criminal illegitimate nature of their presence; It was only the very day prior, that I had updated and enhanced tremendously, a website on which I had compiled a vast amount of information relating to cases of Winnipeg Police abuses snd malfeasance; the synchronicjty of these events made all too evident the role of their rogue operating “Crimestat” cyber stalking mechanisms, in the assault that came immediately thereafter the next day;
    In the wake of these three consecutive attempts upon my kidnap, our attorney Adam Masiowsky, arranged for an emergency meeting to be held July 16/08 at city hall, between he, city councilor Harvey Smith, Winnipeg Police Cheif McCaskill, and my mother in order to bring about transparency and accountability in police’ unlawful conduct; ( I was to remain absent for obvious reason of keeping my location undisclosed to rogue operating police.)

    The evidence of City councilor Smith’s false pretense advocacy and deception, would grow in his aid and abett of the Winnipeg police chief in duck and dodge tactics and circumvent of the meeting entirely as meant to suit obstruction;
    Immediately prior to the scheduled date of meeting, Harvey contacted us and claimed that the meeting between he and Winnipeg Police had taken place in our absence – that Cheif McCaskill had supposedly sent an underlying, Cam Baldwin, in his place, whom, according councilor Smith, presented before him at city hall without notice, leaving Smith no time to contact family or our attorney; a very convenient and highly suspect anecdote to say the least;
    This was not McCaskill’s first dodge and duck of our attorney; several months prior, as of Jan 09 2008 in the early months following police’ first attempt upon my kidnap, and only weeks prior commence of hearings (Feb 13/08) which police had tried to squash through snatch and grab, Winnipeg Police Cheif McCaskill had returned refused, a freedom of information act (FOIA) request sent him through our attorney;
    Upon scrutiny of the document we noticed it was adorned with a logo of the American bald eagle, which read “Winnipeg Police – a U.S. accredited agency” The layers of cross border state collusion were obvious;
    This refusal on transparency came only two days prior to our receipt of a communication from Winnipeg Police’ community outreach coordinator Alan Brolly and rogue acting Winnipeg police division 11 Inspector Boyd Campbell (overseeing the division responsible for administer to repeat attempts upon my kidnap); their letter informed us that local Minister of Justice David Chomiak, to whom my mother and I had appealed for assistance and intervention, had done us the treacherous disservice of deflecting and deferring to their authority and oversight in the matter, instead; In FBI agent Steven Davis’ affidavit before Washington was revealed not only his candid attest to Winnipeg Police’ secret dealings with FBI and other U.S. agencies in their unlawful snatch and grab tactics but, also, agent Steven Davis’ personal contact of local Minister of Justice David Chomiak, as well;
    Against the evidence of mounting cross border state collusion and the repeat dodge and duck tactics of the FBI tainted Winnipeg Police Cheif, as aided and abetted by city hall, as of July 31/08 our attorney wrote a letter of warning addressed all Sergeants of the Winnipeg Police, including cheif McCaskill, advising that should they be successful in carrying out an abduction of my person, all would face criminal charges; his letter referenced the case of Britis

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