Remembering Erwin Baur

from Against the Current

December 4, 2016

¡Erwin Baur, presente!

Erwin receiving recognition at the 2006 Labor Notes conference.

Erwin–an autoworker, a Solidarity member, and a lifelong revolutionary–passed on November 30 at the age of 101. He had been involved in socialist politics since 1934, when he co-founded a socialist club at his high school, and he became a founding member of the Socialist Workers Party in 1938. Erwin is survived by his wife Estar and daughter Sonia.

In this interview from Against the Current, Erwin speaks about his work as a revolutionary in the labor movement. See also this introduction for more information about Erwin and his life.


One response to “Remembering Erwin Baur”

  1. Sonia Baur Avatar
    Sonia Baur

    Thanks to you and the friends and comrades who remember and appreciate Erwin’s life long dedication to social-economic justice. In his memory, our best tribute would be to continue the struggle.