Ecosocialist School between two comrades

Posted February 6, 2020

Audio from a recording between Stephen and Matt

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Each year the International Institute of Research and Education in Amsterdam, the education arm of the Fourth International, conducts an annual event entitled the Ecosocialist School. Although eco-socialism is a prominent theme, the school can be described more accurately as an intense boot camp for Marxist education.

This year Solidarity sent two students, one from their own ranks, Stephen Mahood (also a DSA member), and the other from the ranks of DSA, Matt Stone. The school lasted three weeks in total and Stephen attended all three, while Matt was only able to attend the first two weeks. The two recorded this conversation about their experience including how they both came into the left and how they were approaching the Ecosocialism school. They share the experience of attending a multilingual school and how much they appreciated the English, Spanish, and French interpreters.

They discuss the structure of the school, from their living situation to the daily classes and share the excitement of meeting comrades from different countries and learning about their on-the-ground experiences. They describe the substance of the school curriculum and how the intense relationship-building of the school provided constant moments of learning, whether intended or not. They touch on the need for a strong anti-war movement well before Trump’s assassination of the Iranian military commander, Suleimani.