VIDEO: “System Change, Not Climate Change! Radical Responses to the Ecological Crisis”

from Baltimore Solidarity

December 17, 2012

Last month, Solidarity and the International Socialist Organization (ISO) jointly sponsored a forum in Baltimore entitled “System Change, Not Climate Change! Radical Responses to the Ecological Crisis.” The forum began with a talk by Heather Kangas of the ISO on why the present system can’t solve the ecological crisis, followed by Nick Davenport of Solidarity on the revolutionary politics of building a sustainable society.

This was followed by a robust discussion, with multiple points of view aired on critical questions facing the movement. “Why do so many people appear complacent in spite of the urgency of the crisis?” “Can a major disaster that disrupts social institutions open up space for building alternative structures, or do we need a political strategy aimed at taking power?” “Are there too many people?  Do we need more or less urbanization?”

Members of several organizations were present at the forum.  The hope is that the forum catalyzes further joint work between left organizations as well as more activity around radical ecology.  Opportunities for ecological struggle are heating up in Baltimore, with a fight over fracking brewing at the state level and residents of a working class community resisting the construction of a new incinerator. We hope this discussion proves valuable for activists facing similar challenges in other areas.

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