New Buttons for sale: Legalization for All & Bring the Troops Home Now!

March 31, 2010

Order these eye-catching buttons to spread the demand for social and economic justice. If you don’t have paypal, email us!

Brown and black buttons demand: “Bring all the Troops Home Now!” Wear one everywhere to start a conversation about why US occupation can never be a force for liberation, and people’s needs should come before the massive military budget.


These 2 1/8″ buttons read, in Spanish and English: ¡Alto a las deporaciones – Legalización para todos! Stop the deportations – Legalization for all!


Reads Bail out People, not Wall Street!. Around the edge, these 2 1/8″ buttons read “Free Health Care,” “Defend Public Services,” “Living Wage Jobs,” “Free Higher Education,” “Troops Home Now,” “Rebuild the Gulf Coast,” and “Affordable Housing.”

  • Anonymous says:

    These are great new button designs. When i get paid, I’ll order a dozen of each!

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