Building Tenant Power: From Coast to Coast | Solidarity Radio Episode Version

Posted October 7, 2021

Listen to the workshop of activists and organizers from across the country strategizing, sharing experiences, evaluating tactics, and making connections with others passionate about increasing the power of tenants and making decent housing a right. Transcript forthcoming!

Learn more about the participating organizations:

KC Tenants:

KC Tenants fights for safe, accessible and affordable housing for all. It is led by a multigenerational, multi-racial, poor and working-class group of tenants. They believe in developing grassroot leaders who fight for their own liberation and tell their own stories.

LA Tenants Union:

The LA Tenants Union is a movement of tenants who are seeking to make affordable and safe housing a right. They fight against landlord harassment, evictions, and displacement and organize to enhance the political power of tenants through advocacy, education and direct action.

City Life / Vida Urbana:

City Life/Vida Urbana is a Boston-based housing rights organization that was founded almost 50 years ago. It is a bilingual community organization fighting for racial, economic and gender justice in housing. CLVU organizes against housing displacement, whether it be through foreclosures or evictions, and for building working class power in matters of tenant and housing rights.

Philly Tenants Union:

Philly Tenants Union is a tenant-led organization that fights for the right to safe, decent and affordable housing. PTU engages both in direct action against individual landlords as well as in campaigns for legislative reforms that strengthen the rights of tenants.

Unfortunately Philly Tenants Union were unable to attend although they participated in the early planning of the event