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The New Palestinian Catastrophe

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 2023, 8:00 pm EDT

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Against the Current

The Nov/Dec 2023 AGAINST THE CURRENT (#227) features:
  • Auto: The Future on the Line—The Editors
  • Catastrophe in Palestine & Israel—David Finkel
  • Medicare & Veterans’ Health Care—Steve Early & Suzanne Gordon
  • New Labor—Dianne Feeley, Barry Eidlin interviews Alex O’Keefe & Howard A. Rodman
  • The Struggle for Self-Determination—Howie Hawkins, Promise Li & statements from Commons, Solidarity and the Fourth International

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Pamphlets from Solidarity

THE “SOCIALISM-FROM- BELOW” tradition views the working class as the central agent of overthrowing a system based on the market and the exploitation, alienation and unequal society it perpetuates.
Steve Downs’ writings, first in Hell on Wheels (2008) and in Socialist Strategies in Unions, a working paper (2022), outline how a variety of socialists active in the NYC transit system over two decades worked to build a rank-and-file caucus with a class struggle perspective.
Unable to resolve how to be accountable once members won office, their project ultimately failed. The pamphlet and working paper offer rich lessons for today’s socialists. You can read and download the working paper, Socialist Strategies in Unions, here.
Socialism, What It Is, Why We Need It outline capitalism‘s exploitation of both workers and the environment and sketches an alternative. You can order copies of Hell on Wheels, the working paper Socialist Strategies in Unions, and Socialism, What It is, Why We Need It here.


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