Solidarity Summer School 2019

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Solidarity’s 2019 Summer School
June 27-28 in Chicago, IL!

In Chicago, the city that just inspired America’s reviving socialist movement with the possibility of winning  local elections, Solidarity will be hosting its Summer School and Seventeenth National Convention at North Park University Thursday, June 27th through Friday, June 28th, 2019. As exemplified by the work of Chicago Democratic Socialists of America, United Working Families, and the Chicago Teachers Union who fought against unfair wages and working conditions, austerity measures, and gentrification, there is much to learn from actions taking place in Chicago.

We are seeing this surge in struggle across America⸺from the teacher picket lines in LA and Oakland, to New York City nurses fed up with inadequate patient-to-nurse ratios, the striking Stop and Shop workers of New England, and in discussions in Motor City Detroit on how to transition our auto industry.

This renewal of the rank and file strategy and the growing politicization of workers testifies to the capacities of extraordinary ordinary people who refuse platforms of exploitation and down right fascism as epitomized by the Trump regime’s assault on civil liberties and the American working class. These gains are a demonstration of modern radical social and class mobilization—largely anti-racist, anti-xenophobic, feminist, internationalist, and pro worker.

This momentum presents the opportunity to define our demands and reimagine our futures as workers and citizens and to expand our repertoires as engaged socialists. With significant battles happening on the local and national fronts here in America and elsewhere, education, principled organizing, and active participation are necessary to secure a future for the working class.

At the Solidarity Summer School we will explore pressing topics ranging from the Green New Deal, radical queer politics, socialist feminism, and the United State’s history and current reality of imperial intervention in Latin America.In this exciting time of socialist movement revival, we invite you to join fellow activists for learning and lively discussion at the Solidarity summer school. Let’s celebrate the values we have in common, and the diversity that makes us stronger. We have a labor movement to revive, a society to transform, and a world to win!