Solidarity Summer School: August 3-5, Philadelphia, PA

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     Summer School Themes:

  • Black Liberation Struggle
  • The Crisis, Austerity, and Resistance
  • Ecosocialism
  • The Occupy Movement
  • Revolutionary History

As the economic crisis continues to unfold, it has become decisively clear that the global “1%” is committed to austerity as their way out of the crisis. In the face of this renewed offensive, working people face an unprecedented assault on our past gains. In this new age of austerity, we find ourselves defending everything from public services to basic voting rights. And in the midst of all this, the ever-looming threat of global ecological crisis threatens the very future of our societies.

But despite the intensity of these attacks, this past year we have witnessed an inspiring re-emergence of struggle on a mass scale. From the anti-austerity battles flaring across Europe to the Occupy movement here at home, this resurgence of resistance has put questions of left strategy back on the agenda. What is the nature of this crisis and what kinds of strategies do we need to beat back these attacks?

Answering such questions is an urgent task facing the left today. In order to chart the path ahead, a serious dialogue and exchange across our movements is essential. This year’s Solidarity Summer School will be a contribution to this process.

Come join organizers and activists from the front lines of struggles across the country for two days of rich and lively dialogue in downtown Philadelphia! Workshops and plenaries throughout the school will tackle these questions and many more.

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Featured at the Summer School: Plenaries and workshop tracks will address topics such as the Occupy movement, the economic crisis, ecosocialism, and revolutionary history. And you’ll get a chance to continue the discussion into the evening with entertainment and social activities every night!

Discounted Hotel Rooms: This year’s Summer School will be held at the Holiday Inn Express Midtown in Philadelphia. Call the hotel at 1-800-315-2621 and reserve your room starting the week of 5/27! To get the discount, tell the front desk you’re coming for the “Center for Changes” conference. Please be advised that the conference rate is only guaranteed if you book rooms by July 2nd.

Free Childcare. In order to ensure quality childcare for all at the conference, please let us know if you will be bringing children as soon as possible via the registration form.

Make your travel plans now! Please plan on arriving the afternoon/evening of Thursday, August 2, as we start early on Friday. And book your flight out for Sunday afternoon so you don’t miss our closing session!