Preconvention Discussion #4 — Political and Organizational Perspectives

Political dialogue on the right.


The fourth and final pre-convention Zoom call for Solidarity members, sympathizers and close friends is coming up on TUESDAY, AUGUST 8 at 8:00 pm EDT. The topic is on Solidarity’s political and organizational perspectives.

We want to outline the situation facing the U.S. left today and what goals for Solidarity might flow from that analysis. Do we have folks who can step forward to revitalize our National Committee or contribute to Against the Current, Solidarity’s web page and our social media presence? If you wish to put forward yourself or other comrades for this, please do so!

Also as part of the discussion on August 8 the NC has asked the SoliDSA working group for observations on the DSA Convention that will have been held the previous weekend.

From the August 8 discussion we’d like to develop a realistic organizational resolution for our convention.

Our online convention will begin Friday evening, August 18 and continue Saturday and Sunday, August 19-20. We have two resolutions that have been sent out to the Solidarity listserv this week. These result from previous preconvention discussion and are revised texts: policing and abolition (sent out 7-26) as well as “consistent anti-imperialism” (sent out 7-27). A labor resolution is in process. We also will be circulating orientation documents that can hopefully deepen our discussions but are not resolutions — such as one on independent political action.

The Solidarity members listserv is open for preconvention discussion and resolutions — when writing these be sure to put in the subject line FOR CONVENTION so it’s clear that it is a contribution.

PLEASE REGISTER and join the discussion.