Preconvention Discussion #3: Imperialism/ Anti-Imperialism Today

Here are three metrics from 2019 that compare the United States and China: a) Population, b) Military expenditures and c) Gross Domestic Product per capita.

Calling All Comrades:

“Imperialism and Anti-imperialism Today” is the focus for Solidarity’s third membership pre-convention call on Tuesday, July 18 at 8PM EDT. We’ll be discussing the broad context of growing imperialist rivalry, particularly between the United States and China. We’ll also discuss the war in Ukraine and building solidarity with Ukraine’s defense against the Russian invasion. What are the disastrous global consequences of the conflict?

Discussion documents by David F and Promise L previously sent to the Solidarity membership list, are here as well.

Additional written contributions are welcome!

PLEASE REGISTER and be prepared to speak in the discussion.