Panel Discussion on U.S. Politics in 2024

THURSDAY, JANUARY 25, 2024, 8:00 pm ET

You Are Invited to a Solidarity Members’ and Friends’ Discussion:

U.S. Political Chaos
and the 2024 Election

The Biden administration bankrolls Israel’s genocidal war in Gaza and mass ethnic cleansing in the occupied Palestinian West Bank. As it continues to bargain with rightwing Republican demands for punitive detention and deportation measures against asylum seekers, its support among critical sections of the Democratic voter base is crumbling. Meanwhile, the Republican Party is firmly under the control of the MAGA Trump cult with increasingly open fascistic politics and intentions.

In a deeply polarized country, wide swaths of the population are agreed on what they DON’T want — a rerun of the 2020 Trump-Biden presidential contest — yet it appears that it’s exactly what we’ll get. What are the prospects in 2024 for abortion rights, voting rights, civil rights, Trump’s trials and potential Democratic meltdown as the election looms?

Marsha Rummel (chair), longtime community activist and member of the Madison, WI Common Council
Linda Loew, member of Chicago for Abortion Rights (CFAR) (who wears many other hats as well!)
Howie Hawkins, Green Party’s presidential candidate in 2020 and member of the Ukraine Solidarity Network
David Finkel, editor of Against the Current and longtime activist in Jewish Voice for Peace.

If you have time, it would be helpful to read the editorial in the January/February Against the Current.

Join us to begin thinking through what 2024 portends, its implications, and the possibilities of activist and progressive political alternatives to a crisis-ridden and rotting system.