Discussion on International Perspectives

You Are Invited to a Solidarity Members’ Discussion: Thursday, May 2nd, 8PM EDT

International Perspectives:
“As Crises Converge…”

In preparation for the 2025 World Congress, the Fourth International is initiating a discussion on several key questions. These include an overview of the international situation, an analysis of social movements, the environmental crisis and party-building tasks.

As a sympathizing FI section, Solidarity is beginning the discussion with two drafts on the international situation: “As Crises Converge, the Challenge of How to Move Forward for Those Below” was recently adopted by a majority vote, the second is a minority document that was presented in response.

The May 2nd panel will take up some of the points in the two documents that we are linking below. We will be discussing imperialist conflicts, defending self-determination for Palestine and Ukraine, the rising menace of the racist far right, and instability in the global economy.

As crises converge, the challenge of how to move forward for those below, submitted by the FI Bureau and adopted by the February 2024 International Committee meeting.

Response to the draft international situation document, “As crises converge, the challenge of how to move forward for those below”, submitted for discussion by Jaime González on behalf of the Liga de Unidad Socialista (LUS) of México and supporters of the International Trotskyist Opposition (ITO) in the FI, including in Solidarity.

If possible, please read these short documents before our meeting so that you will be well prepared to discuss these issues.

Note: this meeting is for Solidarity members and sympathizers. Close friends of Solidarity are welcome but this will not be advertised in the monthly Solidarity newsletter.

Join us for this important discussion!