Email Exchange on the Teamsters-UPS agreement #1

Dianne Feeley

July 28, 2023

UPS Teamsters to Vote on Contract that Ends Driver Tiers, Lifts Part-Timer Pay

I think this analysis explains some of the details of the tentative agreement, which I see as quite good in that it wipes away the concessions of the 2018 contract, addresses some important working conditions (heat/harassment), provides a raise for the part timers and opens a path for more full-time jobs.

It is my understanding that the starting wage for part timers is $16.50 not the $15.50 cited in this article.

In some areas of the country, part timers make more because of “market conditions” so they are closer to $19-20, but I don’t know how widespread that is. The IBT negotiators were pushing for $25 an hour for part timers (who make up 60% of the work force).

Was happy to read that the fight for implementing some of these issues is already being addressed since implementation of a good contract is key.