Cadre School 2011 Logistics

Travel information:

  • Driving. The address of the camp is 690 Camp Glisson Road, Dahlonega, Georgia 30533. Here’s a Google Maps link. If you plan to drive, please notify the email list or Isaac ( to see if any carpooling is possible. Also, if you’re driving, your car will be needed to help transport people who are flying (see below)!
  • Flying. Fly into Atlanta airport (ATL). Please select a flight that arrives Thursday morning or earlier and leaves as late as possible on Sunday. This makes it a lot easier to organize transportation carpools to the site. Airtran tends to have good deals flying to Atlanta, so check there as well as expedia, etc. If possible, check flight prices a day or two before and after the school (January 4, 5 and 10, 11) because ticket costs are sometimes dramatically lower in early/mid-week.
  • Transportation to school. If you fly or take the bus to Atlanta, you will need to take MARTA to the northernmost station on the Red Line, North Springs. From there, carpools will transport groups of people up to Dahlonega, one hour north. More detailed instructions may be posted in late December.

Be sure to pack:

  • Bedding material. This could be just a sleeping bag, or sheets and blankets. If you’ll be driving and have extra, please consider bringing some extra bedding in case anybody forgets.
  • Towel and toiletries. There are showers, but no towels, etc.
  • No cigarettes, drugs, or alcohol. The campsite is drug and alcohol free. We will have at least one “night on the town” in a cool bar in Dahlonega. Clear minds, y’all!
  • A cup, bowl, plate, spoons and forks. If possible, please try to bring your own washable eating gear, so that we can wash and reuse rather than using disposable stuff.
  • Other… We’ll continue to add to this list as stuff comes up.

Food information

  • All meals will be vegan/vegetarian friendly (some with meat options).
  • School participants will collectively prepare and cook food.
  • The full menu will be posted soon