Socialism is the Future: Build it Now!

A Special Cadre Building Event:
July 22nd-27th, 2005 Oakland, CA

Solidarity is fast approaching its 20th anniversary, and in many parts of the group there is renewed energy and attention to building our organization. While much of this new activity has been initiated and led by younger members, we have created very few opportunities for this new generation of Solidarity activists to reflect and strategize collectively.

As a response to this need for self-activity, reflection and collective action, the 2005 Solidarity Summer School is being organized by and for younger Solidarity members. The goal is to create space within the organization where we can fill the gaps in our existing knowledge of history and theory; wrestle with the challenges that we face locally, nationally and globally; and self-consciously reflect on the sort of organization we want to build and the shared politics around which we want to build our organization.

Among other questions, we will grapple with: How to make sense of the world we are living in? What are the lessons we draw from the revolutionaries who came before us? How do we put our feminist and anti-racist politics into practice? What sort of organization does Solidarity need to be in order to support our development as activists and revolutionaries?

Please plan on attending, and being a part of this exciting effort to build on our best traditions and chart our collective future.

For those with limited means, note that some financial assistance will be available, primarily directed toward maximizing attendance of comrades of color and women, queer, and transgendered comrades.


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