Building Independent Politics

Toward an Independent Political Voice for Working People This webzine will be featuring articles examining the efforts to go beyond the stranglehold of the two corporate parties. The 2020 elections sharply illustrate once again the need for a working class alternative with a program for social justice fought for through protests and other direct action and through electoral activity.

We hope to feature examples that reflect a variety of tactics and strategies aimed at shaping a radical alternative. We welcome comments and submissions from readers. Please email to submit your contribution for consideration.

  • The Greens in 2020 Elections and Beyond
    Greens knew from the start that 2020 would be a tough year for their presidential ticket. The election would be a referendum on Trump. For most progressives, Anybody But Trump would do. Our campaign believed that an ecosocialist program is needed for real solutions to the life-or-death issues of climate, inequality, racism, and war. We […]
  • How the Richmond Progressive Alliance Organized for Victory
    In California the Richmond Progressive Alliance won another stunning victory in this month’s local elections. Richmond is a working class city of 110,000, 80 percent people of color, north of Oakland on the San Francisco Bay. It is home to a major Chevron refinery that has been the focus of political battles about Chevron’s pollution, […]
  • Post-Election 2020: What’s Next for the Left?
    As Joe Biden prepares to take the oath of office on January 20, how does this shape prospects for the U.S. Left in the years ahead? Today’s Left is in an interesting place: strong enough for other forces to care about what it thinks and does, but too weak to shape political outcomes. Biden’s steady […]