Brazil: Coup Attempt, Movement Response

Tuesday, January 31, 2023, 8 PM EST

Brazil, January 8 — does it look familiar?

SOLIDARITY, A SOCIALIST, feminist anti-racist organization, invites you to a discussion:

Why did several thousand Bolsonarists invade and trash Brazil’s three federal government buildings one week after Lula was installed as president?

Who equipped the rightwing camps that set up in front of the military headquarters and demanded a military coup?

What officials allowed the violence to continue for three hours?

Members of the leftwing Brazilian party PSOL will discuss the lead up to the assault and what this signifies about the continuance of Bolsonaroism in the country, and the implications of this crisis for South America.

  • Vini Almieda, History teacher in São Paulo

  • Paula Nunes, elected State Representative from São Paulo, activist in the black feminist movement and criminal lawyer.