ATC Survey

Against the Current has been a project of Solidarity’s even before our founding convention, merging the publications of the three founding groups. Solidarity elects its members to the editorial board but does not oversee its day-to-day operations. While members write for ATC, the majority of our writers are not members. Since ATC is a bimonthly publication, it cannot respond to day-to-day political events but editorials lay out a socialist perspective that is democratic and rooted in working-class solidarity.

ATC is by far the most consistent public activity of Solidarity in over three decades, and certainly the most successful effort we have made in showcasing ourselves as multi-racial, feminist, and open to a thoughtful exchange of ideas on the Left.

The main magazine distributor for ATC has gone out of business so our distribution in bookstores, never great, has declined and we have been forced to reduce the number of magazines printed. The ATC editorial board has been discussing how to increase our subscription base as well as steps to increase our web presence.

As we are approaching our 200th issue next year (September-October 2018 will be #197), we seek your feedback to not only the questions we are asking, but any suggestions you might have regarding possible authors and articles as well as thoughts about increasing ATC’s presence.

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