2021 Fall-Winter Fundraising Campaign

Calling All Comrades!

Yes, it’s the season for commodity fetishism, COVID-be-damned holiday merrymaking – and the annual fundraising campaign for your socialist organization. Following Solidarity’s August convention, we’re committed to maintaining our work, strengthening our organizational structure, and continuing the open membership calls that we initiated for our pre-convention discussions under the circumstances of the pandemic.

The National Committee recently met with Left Roots as they meet with a number of different socialist groups. We hope to continue the dialogue! We also sent Marsha as our National Committee observer to the Tempest Collective convention, where she brought greetings from Solidarity. Later in November the IIRE will be holding a digital Ecosocialism School and we will have a delegation of four there—two Solidarity members (including one who is a dual member of DSA) and two members of DSA.

We’ve also launched a series of public educational webinars under the banner of “The CLR James Forum,” a regular Socialism from Below podcast, and expanded our social media presence.

The National Committee is launching this year-end appeal to members and friends to ensure that Solidarity’s financial position remains secure. Our goal is to raise $10,000 between December and America’s secular midwinter festival, Super Bowl Sunday.

We have special premium offers for your contribution. Some comrades may remember the booklet “Every Cook Can Govern, A Program of Revolutionary Cuisine from Solidarity.” This collection of favorite recipes contributed by members was edited by R.F. Kampfer (Neil Chacker), who remarked in the Introduction: “History will not overlook our self-indulgence. No excuses. We did it for the money.”

A true culinary collectors’ item from the 1990s, we’ll offer a copy while supplies last in appreciation of a contribution of $100 or more. And we’ll add, in Neil’s memory, the “Best of Random Shots” page from Against the Current 114, January-February 2005, memorializing Kampfer’s revolutionary humor column that ran in each issue of the magazine.

Alternatively, we can offer you PEOPLE WASN’T MADE TO BURN by Joe Allen, a hardback that tells the story of the Hickman case. In 1947 James Hickman murdered his landlord, who was responsible for the fire that killed his family. Allen outlines the deplorable housing that was all African Americans were able to rent. He also details how members of the Chicago SWP were central in setting up the Hickman Defense Committee. An added bonus is Ben Shahn’s artwork that begins each chapter.

To make your contribution, mail your check to Solidarity or, for a tax-deductible contribution, Center for Changes, 7012 Michigan Avenue, Detroit MI 48210. Or you can contribute online at the website (https://solidarity-us.org/donate), and if you’re requesting a premium in exchange for your $100 or more contribution, email cfc@igc.org with your choice.

Year End Fundraising Appeal

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