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Feminist, or Belligerently Self-interested?

Your idea of feminism, which the authors condemn as a disconnected form of pseudo-social justice, really only seems to benefit women of your social class and nationality. Did you entirely miss the point that Clinton's "feminist" agenda completely undermines the rights on millions, even billions of people in the developing world, especially those of women in developing countries? Did you selectively skip the part where women in every other part of the world decry "Clintonite feminism" as an imperialistic aid to the patriarchal and financial agenda of multi-national corporations? Were you unable to grasp the concept of the harm that Clinton's neo-conservative foreign policy has on women around the world? Or do you just not care? You ever-righteous empathy seems only to extend to women who come from a background similar to your own, and you quite blatantly undermine the rights and interests of those who lie outside of your quasi-liberal sphere of bullshit "feminism."


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