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Occupy and Labor

Comrade Clark, not only did you omit the events of Wisconsin, but in your discussion you avoided any mention of the relationship of organized labor (let alone unorganized labor) with Occupy. Within a few days after the Occupation of Zuccotti Park, CWA workers demonstrating for a contract were on the site. Almost immediately a Labor Outreach Committee was formed, which is still ongoing. Organized Labor "saved" OWS from Bloomberg's first attempt to evict the occupiers. In addition, there was the great alliance with the West Coast Teamsters during the winter.

Comrade, the crucial issue for any "radical" movement like Occupy, in the long run, is building a relationship with the working class. Socialists of several groups are working practically day and night to accomplish this. One result was the alliance on May Day in New York in which members of the labor movement, immigrant rights organizations, radical and left-wing groups and Occupy Wall Street worked together active to build a huge May Day march of perhaps 30,000 people.

And the work goes on. Tomorrow, June 17, will be a "silent march" against Bloomberg's "Stop and Frisk" offensive against young men of color, against harassment of Muslims and against the deportation of undocumented immigrants.

This march is an alliance between organized labor, the Black and Hispanic communities, the Muslim community, immigrant groups and -- Occupy Wall Street (especially the Labor Alliance: the umbrella group for all labor-oriented groups in OWS).


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