The Crisis After Trump

February 1, 2021

Date(s) - February 1, 2021
8:00 pm EST to 9:30 pm EST

Our featured speaker Mike Davis is a prolific author, urban theorist and researcher. His books include the prophetic The Monster at Our Door (2005) on the global pandemic threat, and the followup The Monster Enters (2020) on the coronavirus disaster. His works also include Planet of Slums (2005) on the causes and consequences of runaway urbanization, two books on the history of Los Angeles, City of Quartz (1990) and Set the Night on Fire (2020, co-authored with Jon Wiener) and many others.

Dianne Feeley is an editor of Against the Current and active in Detroit Eviction Defense.

With Mike’s unique combined areas of expertise, we’ll ask him to address the interlocking crises confronting U.S. society in the wake of the ruinous Trump years, the raging pandemic, the emergence of violent white-nationalist forces, and prospects for social movements and progressive politics under the new Biden administration. There will be time for questions and discussion!

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